Nokia 5.1 Plus
Nokia 5.1 Plus

This week officially presented the Nokia 5.1 Plus (Nokia X5, in China). The device has been released only in China so far, where it has already sold out on its first day. As with the Nokia X6, its international launch is confirmed, but nothing is known about it yet. But, the HMD Global itself has wanted to clarify more about it.

The Nokia 5.1 Plus will finally be launched outside of China

In some statements, they have given us more information about their plans to launch this model to the international market. And it’s good news for users interested in this Nokia model.

The Nokia 5.1 Plus will arrive soon

They have confirmed that the Nokia 5.1 Plus is not going to stay in China for long. Soon it will be launched in more markets outside the Asian country. So users who are interested in it will not have to wait too long to buy it. This is good news, which at least eliminates the uncertainty surrounding the device.

Although, they have not yet spoken of dates or countries that will be the first to receive this Nokia 5.1 Plus. If we take the previous model of the firm as a reference, other countries in Asia may be the first ones where the phone can be purchased.

Although it seems clear that we will have to wait for HMD Global to give us some more information about their launch plans. Because although it will not take too long to get to the stores, we still do not know when it will be.

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