The Official LG G4 TVC – Design Brown


The new features of the LG G4 is what will help separate it from the concept of the G3 as new premium unique features like a fingerprint scanner, waterproof design, shockproof sensors, and dust-proof display. LG is looking to create a premium smartphone without having to have consumers pay for it, which is precisely where the new LG G4 features come into play.

The fingerprint scanner will probably be the most popular feature. Most of the other premium flagship smartphones have integrated added security, and the fingerprint scanner will do just that. It has also been rumored that the G4 will feature eye sensing technology which could possibly mean the LG G4 will feature both. Despite the many rumors surrounding either a retina or iris eye scanner, this is probably the most unlikely scenario.

When the waterproof design was first featured in smartphones a couple of years back, it was primarily reserved for premium releases. Now, as smartphone manufactures look to create a complete phone they are making it one of the standard features.

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The waterproof idea not only enhances the long-term aspects, but also creates a unique appeal for photo lovers. Underwater pictures with the waterproof feature, 20.7 megapixel front-facing camera, and the optical image stabilization feature will create some of the best looking pictures.

The overall concept is simple, to meet the consumers needs and come out on top of the smartphone comparisons for 2015. If this were that easy than everyone would be doing it, but on the heels of the huge success of the LG G3, the LG G4 concept is expecting to do just that. The premium specs are expected to appeal to a higher end user base, but the price will help make the phone appeal to all.

See how great the LG G4 is with its genuine leather and slim arc design for perfect grip

Video courtesy of LG Mobile Global



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