OPPO presented the OPPO Find X, its new high-end phone, a few weeks ago. An innovative model with which the brand hopes to enter the European market. For the success of a smartphone, it is necessary that it be of good quality in terms of specifications, that this model complies. Although also its resistance is important. And for that, it undergoes the JerryRigEverything test.

The OPPO Find X suspends the most famous resistance test

The well-known endurance test that many smartphones have gone through is now focused on the OPPO phone. And so we can see if it manages to resist or not to this curious and intensive test.


OPPO Find X resistance test

Although the reality is that we have bad news for this OPPO Find X. Although in the first analyses of the test, it does not go bad, we can see that the screen is quite resistant to bumps and scratches, but with the bend test, the device fails at some key moment. Since, as many of you know, the final part of the test is to bend the phone, and in this part, things go wrong.

Because we can see that it is sufficient to force his hands to break this OPPO Find X. The phone does not resist the force applied to it, which is very worrying. Since it is not that you are applying too much force to it. Bad news for the phone.

Therefore, OPPO’s high-end phone has not passed the test. It has suspended and leaves with very worrying sensations since it is not a phone that is going to resist too much, as we can see in the video.

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