In 2016, the film Bitcoin Heist was published, in which the hacker Dada illegally collects Bitcoins. Of course, there are similar things in real life and last December in Iceland the first of three different Bitcoin thefts started, which are called the “Big Bitcoin Heist“. A suspect was put in prison for this, but he managed to escape to our country. Unfortunately for him, the escape was short-lived.

Six hundred Bitcoin computers stolen

During the Big Bitcoin Heist, no fewer than 600 computers were stolen, which were used for mining Bitcoins. These computers together accounted for about 2 million dollars in Bitcoins and the police in Iceland have no idea where they have gone. In February, 31-year-old Stefansson was arrested and put in prison. He was not, however, under arrest and had signed a document in which he agreed to stay in prison until his case would occur. Apparently, he did not feel like it and escaped to the Netherlands.

More security needed

It seems that both the Bitcoin “mines” and the prison in Iceland can use some extra security. Stefanson was just looking for international flights for his escape on his smartphone, after which he opened his window and left. According to the police, someone would have driven him to Keflavik, which is near the airport. Through Germany and Denmark, the young man finally managed to hitchhike to Amsterdam.


Fortunately, back to the prison in Iceland

Unfortunately, someone on the street had already spotted him and informed the police, whereupon he was put in prison again. The Dutch prison turned out to be a more bad ass and Stefansson says he is happy to go back to the prison in Iceland, where it is safer and more comfortable. There he has his own room with a flat-screen television and he can just chat on his own smartphone. He claims to be malnourished in the Dutch prison and he also had to be careful with other prisoners.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the stolen Bitcoins will soon be found again. Normally, an exchange is hacked when stealing Bitcoins, but in this case, they just walked away with the computers themselves. Stefansson is in any case not punished for escaping from prison since it is not a crime in Iceland.

As you can see, they tackle things in Iceland rather differently than in the Netherlands. Who knows, perhaps it is because of their beautiful mountain landscapes, where they look at other inspirations. You can test it yourself with this beautiful drone-timelapse from Evosia Studios.

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