Samsung’s new flagship, which will be announced this year, is likely to be very similar to the Galaxy S9 cosmetically, contrary to expectations.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + are among the top-tier flagships on the market but have not met Samsung’s expectations. It is also a fact that the S9, the Samsung’s history’s least-selling flagship, has suffered a great deal in sales.

Samsung’s price policy is an edge, too much criticism that the phone is not ‘innovative’ enough. So much so that there was a serious expectation in the market that the S9 was an intermediate model and that the S10 was the flagship that would make the actual explosion. This may not be true, according to reports from sources close to Samsung.

One of the company’s major Chinese-based investors claims that Samsung has not yet made serious decisions about the design of the device. There is only one possibility here; they should be able to face up with a fairly high screen ratio, frameless and notch-free phone.

Although the 3D camera can detect depth, the integrated ultrasonic fingerprint reader on the screen will contain great innovations, but the importance given to cosmetics today is huge. That’s why Samsung Galaxy S10 can directly affect its commercial success so much its predecessor.

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