It has been almost two weeks since the new Google Pixel 3 officially appeared. The new generation of phones from the American firm is gradually leaving us with new data. Since it has finally revealed who is the brand responsible for the manufacture of the panel. In the case of the Pixel 3 XL has been Samsung and we already know who has manufactured the smaller model.

The screen of the Google Pixel 3 is manufactured by LG

It is another company from South Korea, which in this case is none other than LG. They have been responsible for making this screen of the new phone of the firm.

Google Pixel 3 screen

The company has not taken risks and has opted for two of the best companies in the market in this regard for the manufacture of the panels of their Google Pixel 3. For LG is good news, as it sees how it is winning customers in this regard since they are also gaining prominence as one of the main suppliers of Apple.

The devices of the firm are having a good reception among experts and users on Android. The company has not changed too many aspects in the Google Pixel 3, the changes have been focused more on the XL model, with its screen with notch.

The question is now how will be the sales of this new generation of phones of the firm. The second generation managed to double the sales of the first, so it will be interesting to see how the sales of these two new models evolve.


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