microsoft 800x450
microsoft 800x450

It has long been rumored to be an extension of Microsoft’s Surface range with a model that could cost less than $ 500. According to the rumors, this is a tablet destined to become a real point of entry into the American company’s Surface family.

The WinFuture site has found information in an FCC document that would reveal the existence of this product and especially its proximity to its official debut on the market. Libra is the code name of this product, for which it is assumed a purchase cost of about 400 US dollars.

Equipped with a screen of about 10 inches diagonal, this device could be combined with a cover with an integrated keyboard to mirror what Microsoft offers with the Surface Pro devices currently on the market. It is almost obvious to expect the presence of a kickstand in the back, a real recognition element of the tablet of the Surface family.

The source cites the possibility that a device can also integrate LTE connectivity: thinking of the size and the type of use in mobility this alternative seems to be plausible. It remains to be seen when Microsoft makes this product available on the market: FCC certification is typically one of the last steps to be taken before a product can be marketed. From this the hypothesis that a small Surface and the economic cost can debut already in the period of the so-called Back to School.

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