The smallest GPS tracker in the world for only 9 Dollars


small device, very small, but very useful: let's talk about the GPS tracker. If you have already heard of it, you know what it is; otherwise, let's have a small overview of this accessory to better understand what it is and for what it can be useful

What a GPS tracker can do

How to use a GPS tracker

When we talk about GPS we always think of satellite navigators that until a few years ago occupied a privileged place in the cars of our cars (to then be replaced, of course, by smartphones) and, indeed, by the technology present on modern mobile devices (mobile phones) , tablet, smartwatch, etc.). The GPS tracker is another device that uses this type of technology and, specifically, uses only this one without another type of function.

Specifically, the GPS tracker is a device that communicates with a network of satellites by sending its position; it is indeed useful as a positioning system. The tracker is constantly in contact with the satellite that follows its movement at any point and returns the position that can be viewed through a specific application.

As you can easily guess thanks to the GPS tracker you can locate things and people, knowing at any time where they are. It is not about spying on someone (not least because it would still be a crime), but about using this technology for your own security. You can, in fact, place the GPS tracker inside your car and know where it is at any time, whether you do not remember where you parked it, and in case of theft to monitor the movements.

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Advantages GPS tracker

Similarly, the tracker can be placed inside a package for an important shipment and to have the guarantee of his arrival. The reduced cost allows this type of investment easily. Similarly, given the small size, a GPS detector can be placed at the collar of your dog (to avoid losing) or even in the backpack or in the pockets of a child's pants, to be able to always be quiet that is in a place where you know that he should be.

Basically, the GPS tracker can be placed anywhere; on any object whose position and movement are to be controlled. The very low cost and the compact dimensions allow to hide it from view and to take advantage of its technical characteristics, having a wide versatility of use.

The smallest tracker in the world: technical features

GF-07 GPS Tracker: technical features

Now let's talk about the smallest GPS tracker in the world: the GF-07, on sale on offer on the TomTop website for less than $ 8.99. Let's find out how it's done. The unique and valuable feature is that the GF-07 tracker integrates the support with a SIM card (yes, like that of the phones) that can be used to call the device and know in real time what is its position. The call is made by sending a text message to which you get the position that you can consult directly on Google Maps, with a very reliable precision (with a maximum error of 10 meters). All in a quick and timely manner, which in many cases proves decisive. Another peculiarity of this model, unique in its kind, is to be equipped with the automatic charging function. This means that when the internal battery runs out and the tracker turns off the device for the call turns on and will continue to recharge.

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GF-07 GPS Tracker: functionality

The GPS tracker GF-07 is made of ABS with two very resistant magnets that allow it to be applied firmly on any metal surface, thus increasing its stability. It is very light (40g) and in addition to all monitoring and detection functions, there is also an alarm function. The battery is 400mAh and the GSM connection has a positioning time of 25 seconds. Withstands the most rigid temperatures (from -20 ° C to + 55 ° C) and has a 12-day standby and 4-6 hours of continuous use. Included in the package, in addition to the GPS tracker, we find the USB cable to recharge the device.

Best GPS tracker: GF-07

In conclusion, it is a complete, precise, reliable and economical device. A good choice to track something important and make sure of its position in real time.

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