Samsung Galaxy S10 Android leak 1
Samsung Galaxy S10 Android leak 1

Now little is missing, about two months or maybe even less, and the Galaxy S10 will be presented by Samsung with great fanfare, perhaps at MWC 2019 in Barcelona or a few weeks before.

But on the internet already appear several patents for smartphones of the future of Samsung that show, as the borderless design is not at all the end of the design for mobile devices, but that we could see different alternative solutions.

Here Samsung has patented various solutions that switch from biometric sensors under the display, such as the iris scanner, slider with a hidden double screen and special magnets that hold two parts of the smartphone to double the size of the screen.

Sensors below the display

We start from sensors hidden under the display, where according to the first patent, the iris scanner, we will hide under the display, perhaps for future integration into wearable devices.

Double screen but not on the back

The hated notch has come to an end, it took only a year to find alternative solutions, and Samsung, which has never backed this solution, has “pierced” the display and now aims to integrate sensors, camera and even a small second display in the slider movement of the screen.

Double screens and magnets

Let’s go to the last patent, which is perhaps the most alternative, which involves the use of magnets and particular joints to offer double displays, to be used as a dual monitor, keyboard or extension of the first screen.

Here is the Samsung patent gallery that we could review in some smartphones of the future (but not too much).

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