The promises, at least for the moment, seems that they have been maintained: Qualcomm had announced that the new Snapdragon 855 would have beaten the competition and the very first benchmark on a smartphone already formalized (but not yet commercialized) provides the first confirmation.

Better than the Kirin 980, and even better than the mighty Apple A12 that also enjoys a perfect hardware-software optimization on the iPhone devices launched in September. The cue was provided by Lenovo who during the presentation event of the amazing Z5 Pro GT yesterday showed the table of a benchmark made with the new smartphone.

Well, the Snapdragon 855 (made with a production process at 7 nm) pushed the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT to the top of the ranking on AnTuTu, with a monster score of 368,480 points. To get an idea of how important this result is, there are some numbers to consider: the three iPhone with A12 on board are behind 3 to 5%. Even more distant to the Kirin 980 in the Huawei Mate 20 and Honor Magic 2 with a heavy record of -20%. The gap with the Snapdragon 845 is even more relevant, averaging over 25%.

A small (but not so much…) detail should be remembered, however: the version of the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT analyzed is the one with 12 GB of RAM, a goal never reached by other smartphones. In short, there is a not inconsiderable advantage even if directly from AnTuTu let you know that the SoC would have exceeded the 360 thousand points even with a lower amount of RAM.

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