The trend of foldable smartphones catches on

Foldable smartphones have something in common: large display. Although this seems to be the primary way in which foldable phones resemble, there are other ways in which those types of phones imitate one another.

Think of it, many people appear to love foldables when they are folded but whenever the phones are laid out, the story is not the same. It all boils down to what is called form factor.

“In my opinion,” says Abdul Olawale, “I think I'm quite into it actually. It is something that people are not used to right now but we have been hearing about it over the years. Now it has finally come to light.”

In 2019, there will be different designs, companies such as Samsung, Huawei, and a few others will be expected to lead the way. It’s amazing to see a phone open up like a book. Huawei Mate X will have its foldable phone screen on the outside, making it open up like an irreversible book.

In the case of Motorola, there is an idea of a clamshell kind of design that will somehow make its foldable phone resemble old Razor devices.

To start thinking about how users will perceive the devices is another story. “Actually, phone companies like to experiment a lot,” said Peter Aqua. “They just throw up a design and play around with it, praying and hoping that fans would fall for it.”

Often, fans do fall for the manufacturer who gets to release phones with great novelty but which sells in reasonable price. At the moment, the manufacturer of a foldable phone does not have a concrete idea of how a foldable phone should actually fold. It is at the end when the product is out and it is being used that the makers can get to know if the product is good for fans or not. Basically, when a smartphone maker knows fans love one of their products, they keep playing along those lines.

What smartphone will actually look like, do, or not do is really a subject that will receive more clarifications in the future. That should be after several years of use of foldable phones by people around the world.

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