The Worlds First AI Created Whisky By Microsoft
The Worlds First AI Created Whisky By Microsoft

Artificial intelligence is helping the whole world in detecting and fixing all sorts of issues from reading what’s in the mind to become a witness in law trials. Now whisky has been created by AI.

Microsoft along with Finnish tech company and Mackmyra has created the world’s first whisky developed with artificial intelligence. Mackmyra is a Sweden-based whisky distillery founded in 1999.

This is the first time that a consumer product recipe has been created with the help of an AI machine. The recipe generating AI machine is running on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform AI cognitive services. You can find the full details and explanation relating to how the company has generated 70 million recipes using AI which can be used to create different blends of whisky in a blog post by Microsoft.

What is the Taste AI- Created Whisky?

The taste of the whisky has been described as “vanilla with fine oak notes, fruits with citrus and pear, herbal spices with slight tobacco leaves and a very small hint of smoke”.

This whisky was first shown at The Next Web Conference 2019 in Amsterdam last week and is also expected to hit the commercial market very soon.

The main motive of using AI for creating whisky was to find new recipes that would not be possible by humans. This method can also be applied to other beverage products.

Many of you will think that human jobs will be replaced by machines in the distillery business. But, it’s not going to happen anything like this because machines were only used to find new and different recipes of whisky. A master blender normally spends his life experimenting and finding different whisky flavors. Humans are required in producing whisky and also finding the taste of it before getting commercial.

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