beste android en ios apps van week
beste android en ios apps van week

Some apps make life more fun by learning new routines and much more. Here are the best Android and iOS apps this week.

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An app with which you learn to program in an accessible and playful way. Grasshopper has the approach of language apps like Duolingo. You learn pieces of a language, then get a short quiz to see if you understand and then you have to apply the same piece of knowledge in different ways.

In Grasshopper, however, you do not learn a spoken language, but a programming language: JavaScript. It is the most used programming language and with reason. JavaScript is easy to understand and very versatile. In Grasshopper you learn the basics of JavaScript by always finishing a piece of code yourself.

You get an example, and then a half-finished series of code. In the beginning, you have to choose from pieces of code that you have completed to complete the series. As the lessons follow, you learn to type all parts of the code yourself. So you learn step by step what all the functions in the programming language do and how you can use them to make something bigger. You will also learn how to use existing code from internet libraries so that you can quickly create a site, app, game or animation.

Grasshopper was developed by Area 120, a start-up program from Google. The developers want to add more lessons to Grasshopper, and do not intend to support any programming language other than JavaScript. Due to the popularity of JavaScript, Grasshopper is an excellent app to learn to programme, even if you have never done that before.

Download Grasshopper for Android or for iOS (free)


This app helps to improve your life, for example, if you often feel tired, want to lose weight, want to sleep better or if you want to concentrate better. The app does this by teaching you a new routine step by step, with notifications and motivations spoken by coaches.

For example, do you have trouble starting up at the start of a new day? Then Fabulous starts with the assignment to start each morning with a good glass of water. The app reminds you in the evening to prepare a glass, and in the morning you have to drink it. By doing so, your body would wake up faster and be ready for the day.

Step by step Fabulous suggests adding more habits in the morning: showering, stretching your body, clearing the house so you start tidying up and much more. You can also add your new habits, and also choose those habits for the afternoon or evening plans.

Fabulous was developed by the Center for Advanced Hindsight of the American Duke University. This center examines the things that people often regret, for example at the end of a day. ‘If only I had cleaned it up,’ ‘I would have read it’ or ‘would I have just played.’ In such a case, learning a new routine is useful.

The step-by-step way in which Fabulous tries to use such a new routine with self-selected components is, according to the developers, a proven way to get through your day more satisfied. Fabulous can stimulate all sorts of actions, from running to meditating and thus resembles the popular Headspace, but then for improving your daily routine.

Download Fabulous for Android or for iOS (free)


Ordinary letters are also boring. Fortunately, we can add text to our phones with emoji, but choose a different font instead of not. Well with Textlicious. The app lets you format text in apps that are normally not an option for that.

To do so, Textlicious uses the sharing window of iOS. You type some text in for example WhatsApp or iMessage and select the words you want to format. Then you press the share button and choose Textlicious.

You can not only push words and sentences thick and oblique, as in some apps already standard. But you can also choose other fonts. That is funny, because in this way words and sentences suddenly get a completely different charge. Recipients of your messages do not expect your letters to look different.

Download Textlicious for iOS (2.29 euro)

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