Stranger Things
Stranger Things

It is said that the more we become known, the more dangers we are in, and although we have never seen actor Noah Schnapp (Will Byers from Stranger Things) get into trouble with anyone, this did not prevent his Twitter account from being hacked and that some heavier Tweets were published.

That said, we know that the incident occurred the last Saturday. The person who hacked the actor’s Twitter repeatedly spoke of suicidal thoughts. Something that drove many fans to despair for fear that the Stranger Things star would commit some ill-thought madness.

They attacked the account of the main actor of Stranger Things!

So, this incident happened quite quickly, with all Tweets being deleted in 30 minutes. However, considering that we are talking about a well-known actor who has thousands of followers, it didn’t take much until the various fans started to retweet everything. That is, everything spread quickly through the famous social network.

That said, we know that most Tweets talked about suicide, mentioned people for fans to follow, and even talked about their own penis.

In other words, for those who were more attentive, you could immediately notice that it was not the actor speaking, but that still raised some concerns.

So far neither the actor nor his representatives have commented on this matter. New information about this case should be revealed in the near future.

Stranger Things 4
Stranger Things 4

In short, if by any chance you were worried about the Stranger Things actor after this incident on Twitter where there was talk of suicide … take it easy. After all, this was just an attack by a hacker that should already be resolved by the competent authorities.

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