Thinking of Buying iPhone XS? This One Could Be Your Best Bet

For those buying a new smartphone, color is hardly the top thing on their mind. Other features, such as performance, camera, or even price – take the front lines. Nevertheless, you would be surprised how many people really care about the color their phone comes in.

They may not tell that color is one vital reason they bought their smartphone. We cannot tell just how much mobile smartphone manufacturers know about this, for we still find companies that manufacture only one-color smartphones and the most popular one-color these phones come in is black.

But here we are having the iPhone XS in mind. If you would buy it, what color would you prefer? For one thing, it is good to know that you don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the color you want from the iPhone XS, for the device comes in black, white, and gold.

You love gold, right? Yes. And it seems to be the best you can have out of the three colors. Why is this? All the colors are beautiful.

Reviewers are claiming that the iPhone XS is probably the best looking smartphone anyone can find in the market right now. It looks very premium, even luxurious!

The iPhone XS costs over $1,000 USD. Before you buy it, you must have so many things in mind and color may not take the top spot. But it is a good thing for you to think about the color.

Those that come in white or black are nice too, for Apple has done almost all it could to make them feel special in your hand, so they too look very beautiful. Yet, nothing beats the one in gold color.

The gold iPhone XS is not just a stainless steel or cheap-looking plated yellow gold. It is a ‘Deep, brassy gold that looks really pricey and very exceptional. Of course, there are a few other phones that were released in gold color but all of what is seen out there pales in comparison to iPhone XS.

What you see in the pictures here are not exactly how the phone looks in real life. You have to see the gold before you appreciate its beauty.

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