This Android Malware Is Recording Your Screen To Grab Banking Details
This Android Malware Is Recording Your Screen To Grab Banking Details

Now the hackers are able to create malware which is almost impossible for the normal users to detect it. This happens because they are coming up with techniques to hide malware. A new banking trojan called BianLian has been found affecting all the Android users of the world.

BianLian was previously used to spread banking malware like Anubis. According to Fortinet, Bianlian malware has been updated and it’s now more than a method of spreading banking malware. The creators of this malware have updated it continuously and have made it more dangerous and especially vulnerable to banking security threats.

Working Of This BianLian Malware?

This malware gets into your Android smartphone as a bundleware when you download and install an app, normally from an unknown source. This app asks for permission to get access to your Android smartphone accessibility service during the installation. Once the permission is given, the Binlian malware starts functioning and can read your SMS and make calls, ultimately gains access to your banking apps.bianlian malware

A new screencast feature has been added to it through recent updates making it more dangerous. This feature allows it to record everything which is displayed on the mobile screen. By seeing the screen recordings, the hackers can very easily find out private information like usernames, passwords and other information related to banking. This can lead to stealing of bank balance.

Beside the screen recording feature, a new way of getting obscure called “randomly generated garbage” has been implemented on it to make it almost impossible to get spotted by normal users.

According to an Android malware analyst at Fortinet named as Dario Durando, “BianLian seems to still be under active development. The added functionalities, even though not completely original, are effective and make this family a potentially dangerous one. Its code base and strategies put it on a par with the other big players in the banking malware space”.

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