Not only has 9to5mac unearthed the details of the upcoming iPhone XS, it has also come up with the information on Apple’s latest smartwatch.

Based on the picture we can already see the biggest change to the Apple Watch Series 4, which is not the case design, but the display. This is finally anchored almost frameless in the clock and offers much more space for complications, which are arranged in the example above around the dial. This means that much more information is visible that you can certainly decide for yourself. But for developers also means that you have to worry about novel designs of the complications.

Furthermore, you can see in the picture a new hole between the power button and the digital crown, this is probably an additional microphone. It can also be seen that the crown and the button are not so far out of the case. It is therefore obvious that Apple does not use any more real buttons here, but as with the iPhone 7 switches to capacitive buttons with haptic feedback through the Taptic Engine.

If this is the real picture of the Watch Series 4, you should be annoyed in Cupertino just neat.


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    Most awaited Apple watch review is here..!!! The Specifications of the watch is explained very well in the post. Thank you for the review.Looking forward to more post.


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