When Google came in 2016 with the first Pixel smartphones, they looked remarkably much on the iPhone, but with Android. With the Pixel 2 devices, Google committed itself more to the design and got their own identity. The wait is now on the Pixel 3 smartphones and of course, we hope that these will become even more unique and slicker. The YouTube channel Concept Creator seems to share this opinion and helps Google get started with its own concept.

Higher screen-to-body ratio

In a YouTube video, Concept Creator still shows the best version of a Pixel device so far. We see a sleek handset passing by with narrower edges at the top and bottom than those of the Pixel 2. There is certainly no lack of color and the device has received various cheerful colors, such as pink, red and cyan blue.

Moderner Pixel design

The designer has obviously based on the existing Pixel smartphones but makes them a lot more modern. At the back, the glass panel has got tighter features and at the front two speakers have appeared. Furthermore, the device comes with a single camera and a fingerprint scanner at the back.

Competition for LCD iPhone?

Although there are no official figures, in the past year some iPhone users switched to a Pixel device. Chances are that this will become more if the Pixel 3 is somewhat similar to the concept in the video.

Many iPhone users are still looking for a device to upgrade to, since they did not do that last year with the expensive iPhone X. The expectation is that they are going this year for the cheaper LCD model. But who knows that Google can provide some competition here. We will mark it at the end of the year.

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