This is the most original advertising you will see of the Samsung Galaxy S10


As expected, Samsung was able to once again shake the smartphone market with the presentation of its new top of the range. Now, the time has come to gamble heavily on marketing campaigns to show the world what it has to offer.

A new advertising campaign spread in Sydney (Australia), several advertising placards of the Samsung Galaxy S10 with a unique characteristic. In order to make known the new functionality "Wireless PowerShare", this wardrobe can charge your smartphone. Of course for this, you need to support wireless charging.

As expected, they did not put a Galaxy S10 inside the ad, but rather a traditional wireless charger. However, the idea is quite clever and will be more than capable of 'teaching' anyone who sees the ad the new capabilities of the smartphone.

Samsung bets strong on the marketing of the new Samsung Galaxy S10

This was one of the novelties that received a greater prominence from the South Korean manufacturer. Especially so the new Galaxy Buds with the Galaxy Watch support wireless charging. This way, users will be able to use the Galaxy S10 for 'emergency uploads' of their gadgets.

I say emergency chargers because the "Wireless PowerShare" technology only achieves a 4.5W charge, which is much slower than the traditional 9-10W of the Qi chargers. Therefore, users are not expected to expect to fully load any gadget.

But the capabilities of this technology are not limited to loading gadgets from Samsung. In fact, as long as any other smartphone (or gadget) supports wireless charging, you can receive power from the Galaxy S10.

The new Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10e have recently arrived in stores and according to the initial numbers, demand is meeting the expectations. That's why Samsung has decided to invest even more in its marketing campaigns globally. Thus, it will not be surprising that this kind of placard starts to be sighted in other parts of the globe.

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