This New Tool By Microsoft Will Let You Create "Full Stack Web Apps" With Just Few Clicks

Microsoft has built a new tool in the form of an extension for Visual Studio Code. Using this extension, you can create full-stack web applications easily and quickly. It's a matter an of just a few clicks.

The extension has been named Web Template Studio (WebTS). This extension enables you to create web apps quickly with less effort. The extension generates which also includes in-depth instructions related to the development process.

Web Template Studio makes the work of the developers in generating boilerplate code for a web app by providing them options to choose between different front-end frameworks, back-end frameworks, pages, and cloud service.

As for now, WebTs supports languages such as React, Vue, Angular, Node.js, and Flask, Out of which the Angular is used for frontend and Flask for the backend.

WebTS offers various web page templates including blank page, grid page, list, and master-detail, just to make the process of creating web apps faster.

Advantage of creating web apps using WebTS extension is that you are getting a web application, which has a well structured and readable code. You can also add Azure cloud services framework into your app by with just a click.

It is to be noted that the Web Template Studio extension is an open-source tool available on the GitHub platform.  The interest developers can download the Web Template Studio extension to start creating their own web apps.

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