This word repeated 5 times crashes your iPhone

iPhone restarts with a word?

I honestly do not know how there are people who discover these bugs in the iPhone, however, we have to give credit to who deserves it. Today we received in the email a video that left us intrigued.

If a user repeats 5 times the word "hyphen", the iPhone will simply reboot.

We can see in the video below that the user repeats 5 times the word "hyphen" and the iPhone simply reboots.

Soon after seeing the video had obviously to test on my iPhone. To my amazement, the bug is genera

How to make iPhone restart with a word?

To try on your own you will have to follow the steps you see in the video. The user searches for an application by scrolling down and instead of typing the application name clicks on the microphone and repeats the word hyphen 5 times. Then, for some reason, the iPhone simply reboots.

Apple has had better days with iOS

Apple is not exactly on track for iOS 12. Since the release of the operating system, the Cupertino company is having trouble solving bugs.

The latest one is called the "FaceTime" Bug, where the user with a call to another user and a little "marasca" could make him hear everything that was happening on the other side. A bug that startled users. Especially after it became public.

However, Tim Cook's company has already apologized and corrected the bug, but it did not arrive without other problems. Some users have network errors, both in SIM and Wi-Fi. This one of the "hyphen" is another one. Less troubling but more problematic.

IOS 13 is on the way, more headaches?

Apple will unveil iOS 13 for the iPhone and iPad on June 3 and it looks like we'll have design improvements with Dark Mode and more possibilities for the iPhone system.

In short, the only problem is that the more Apple wants to do with iOS, the more the system becomes vulnerable to simply unthinkable bugs.


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