Three (3) Best Methods to Unroot Your Android Device

If you are reading this post, it means you’ve rooted your Android phone, and getting a charge out of the advantages that accompanies it. You know the platitude, ‘You can’t eat your cake and have it’, this also applies to rooted Android phones. When an Android Phone is rooted, you wont be able to get an OTA (Over-The-Air) upadte. Regardless of the possibility that you do, odds are your device will get bricked if you attempt to run such upgrade.


This is the situation with Infinix Hote Note, where numerous users have bricked their phones in the wake of attempting to upgrade with rooted phones. To forestall such situations it’s best encouraged to unroot your gadget first before continuing. The following are simple strides to unroot any Android phone:


Universal Unroot

This method is great to Unroot your phone as it universally support any almost all the device and is very easy to use, with this app Unroot can be performed in just a single tap.

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The only sad part is its a paid app. This app can also remove the backed up rooting files.


  1. Download and install Universal Unroot from here
  2. Open it and tap on UNROOT button
  3. App will confirm you that if you really want to Unroot your phone
  4. Press yes
  5. Your mobile will automatically be rooted and you are done.


SuperSU Unroot

Supersu is a great root management tool by Elite Developer chainfire it have many advanced feature related to root and one of them is Unrooting mobile

SuperSU Unroot will not work on every single device but it is still a free method to Unroot your device.


  1. Download the SuperSU
  • Open SuperSU and got to settings tab
  • Select Full Unroot
  • It will confirm you just tap continue
  • After successful Unroot superuser will close automatically
  • Reboot your device
  • Uninstall SuperSU and you are fully unrooted.


Manual Unroot

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Rooting files can be in two places one is /system/bin and the other is /system/xbin.

There are many chances that your root management apps (SuperSU etc.) could be in /system/app and you will not able to uninstall it after toot, so first we will uninstall it before unrooting.


  1. Open any root file manager (es file explorer etc.).
  • Go to /system/app and search for superuser app and remove it.
  • Go to /system/bin search for “busybox”. If you got that there just remove it.

Else go to /system/xbin search for “busybox”. It will surely be here if it was not in /system/bin so just remove it

  1. Now search for “su” in both the directories and delete it
  • Now reboot your phone.

You are done have a nice day.

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