Tim Cook CEO Of Apple Says A “4 Year Degree” is Not Required To Be Good At Coding

Tim Cook SEO Of Apple Says A 4 Year Degree is Not Required To Be Good At Coding

Earlier this week, Tim Cook CEO of Apple visited an Apple store in Orlando to meet 16-year-old Liam Rosenfeld. Liam Rosenfeld is one of the 350 scholarship winners who is selected for attending Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next month.

Time cook made a statement “I don’t think a four-year degree is necessary proficient at coding. I think that’s an old, traditional view. What we found out that if we can code in the early grades and have a progression of difficulty over the tenure of somebody’s high school years, by the time you graduate kids like Liam, as an example of this, they are already writing apps that could be put on the app store.”

In short, you don’t require a 4-year degree to be very good at coding. We know that many of wold’s greatest innovators in tech field like Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, etc. do not possess a formal engineering degree.

This is not the first time that Tim Cook has said something like this because he made a similar statement during an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting earlier this year. This board meeting took place in the White House.

According to Tim Cook’s statement, he wants that coding should be incorporated in the earlier stages of the school and continue it to the high school with a gradual increase in difficulty. He also set Liam as an example of why it is needed to teach coding in the early stages of school.

Liam is a student, but still, he can code and create apps which can be published on the App Store. He can accomplish this before even getting Graduate. Apple’s WWDC will begin from 3rd June to 7th June 2019, i.e., Monday to Friday.


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