Tim Cook last week had a meeting with the President of the United States, Donald Trump. In this, the President had a small oversight when calling the CEO of Apple, “Tim Apple”, instead of “Tim Cook”. Taking advantage of this failure, the communication team of Apple has decided to change the name of the CEO on Twitter for “Tim Apple” to be able to respond to this slip and without a doubt, they have managed to make it the talk of the day.

‘Tim Apple’, the name that Trump gave to the CEO of Apple

This week the White House Labor Force Policy Advisory Board was held in Washington, where Tim Cook has a chair. Donald Trump wanted to highlight the role that the CEO of Apple is doing by contributing enough jobs to the country with the opening of new centers and investing a lot of money in this aspect. The President’s statements were the following:

People like Tim: you are expanding everywhere and doing things that I really wanted you to do from the beginning. He used to say, ‘Tim, you have to start doing it here’ and you really have. You have really invested a lot in our country. We appreciate you very much, Tim Apple.

It is not the first time that Donald Trump is wrong when it comes to naming some personality of the many with whom he interviews weekly. Undoubtedly remains a simple anecdote but from Apple have wanted to take to make the grace and have succeeded. Yesterday, many Twitter users applauded this gesture, always from the most comical point of view.

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Although Donald Trump considers the CEO a ‘friend’ for relaunching policies to repatriate the money back to the national level, the truth is that Tim Cook has been very critical of many of his policies and has even sounded his name as a Democratic candidate. to 2020.

Leave us in the comments box what do you think about this name change that we have seen in your Twitter account.


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