Tin Audio T2 021
Tin Audio T2 021

The Tin Audio T2 High-Resolution Double Dynamic Drivers In-Ear Earphone comes with Hi-Fi Audiophone Metal Earbuds and MMCX Detachable Cable Ω.

Design / Accessories, Comfort / Isolation

Tin Audio T2 comes in a beautiful little white box having the product name, logo, and model written on the front side. Look inside and there’s a little box that looks like a blue book which has the user manual. Under that, you find the earphone sitting peacefully in a black foam cutout. It’s cute and good to look at. Under the foam, you find the rest of the accessories.

Tin Audio T2 comes featuring dual-driver configuration with one dynamic 10-millimeter woofer and one 6-millimeter tweeter per ear. Of course, the build contradicts the price as metal housing ends in red and blue plastic rings. This serves to differentiate the right earpiece from the left.

T2 adopts detachable design. The main body comes with 5N 8-core silver plated wire and since the soft, supple material is used by the manufacturers, the handling is good. Users don’t have to worry about the cable curling afterward or damaging soon after they buy the product.

The cable, a very attractive one at that, ensures durability even in long-term use because it’s ultra lightweight and is capable of withstanding the daily grind or stress of use. You could easily replace the cable in the future should there be a need for that. Customer support is often excellent if you buy from Aliexpress or Amazon.

The shell is exquisitely designed. It is made of metal and that very much reflects a sense of luxury in appearance. The canal design is able to shut out unwanted noise in a perfect manner. This is significant for the moments you want to enjoy the deep and rich sound.

There are also three different types of earplugs included in the package. No worries, as these will sit perfectly in your ears. Commentators often reveal how the Tin Audio T2 is more detailed and engaging than the FAD E2000 or other earphones in the same price range with T2.

T2 is very comfortable, weighing even less than Shozy Hibiki MK2, notwithstanding the fact that it’s made with metal housing. One can wear the Tin Audio T2 up or down, or even make several personal readjustments. It’s a favorite stuff for use when one is lazy.

Sound Comparisons  and Performance

Tin Audio T2 High-Resolution Double Dynamic Drivers In-Ear earphone is well balanced and neutral when it comes to comparing and contrasting it with other In-Ear earphones. Unlike the Shozy Hibiki MK2, which a warm booming bass and forward vocals device, the soundbase of the Tin Audio T2 is a bit wider than that of Hibiki MK2 and here, imaging is even better.

However, in some respects, it appears that sounds on the Tin Audio T2 is somewhat harsh with a few cases of slight sibilance on female vocals whereas the Hibiki MK2 possesses better sound in several respects, smoother, natural and cleaner.

Another difference is that T2’s frequency response range is lower than that of the Hibiki MK2 which has 20 – 40000Hz against T2’s 12 – 24000Hz. The connectors remain the same at 3.5mm.

So the T2 would have been a fantastic device except for the 3db peak in the 500-800Hz range. If not, T2 would have been great at the mids!

Sound Blocking:  Trust in the Tin Audio T2 for wired noise-canceling earbuds. With it, you can block out all outside noise making. It’s a good device for listening to music or watching movies even in a noisy setting. Excellent for working out, you can use it in all kinds of situations and still enjoy yourself.

Many people still see the sound performance as high quality but not until you’ve made use of Shozy Hibiki MK2. For T2, the tone won’t be very bright or too dull. It’s smooth to a reasonable degree. When you talk about high frequency, it’s still okay because users see it as delicate and supple. They see it as full of elasticity and intensity.

Those who have used several earphones in the past or who deal in the business of selling earphones have said that when compared over a large disparity of earphones, one can place Tin Audio T2 in the class of the HifiMan HE560, Audeze Sine, Unique MelodyME.1, and Yincrow X6.

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Specifications and Features

FunctionFor mobile phones, Monitor Headphones, HiFis, Headphones, Common Headphones
Frequency Response Range12 – 240000Hz
Supports Memory CardNo
Line LengthLine type
Control ButtonNo
Wireless TypeNo
Support APPNo
Support Apt-XNo
Style of UseIn-Ear
With MicrophoneNo
Resistance / Impedance16Ω
Active Noise CancellationNo
Model NumbersT2
Vocalism PrincipleDynamic
Volume ControlNo
Cable length1.2m – 5cm
Cable TypeSilver Plated
Headphone Interface TypeMMCX
Driver TypeDual  Dynamic Units
Packaging Details
Unit TypePiece
Package Weight0.2kg
Package Size15cm x 10cm x 5cm

Quick Tin Audio T2 Overview

The following quick overview will help you to make a fast buying decision.

  • Electronic frequency division
  • Alloy wire drawing process
  • Sound pure, without any unpleasant hissing
  • Good sense of balance because the sound is never too bright or too dark; treble, mids, bass power having balanced distribution, the meeting of frequency is natural and smooth.
  • A good high-frequency extension which at the same time is delicate and supple
  • Low-frequency dive – deep, clean, full of flexibility and strength devoid of slow feeling
  • Minor medium frequency distortion, transparent and warm, while vocal is vivid and natural. However, one gets the thickness, magnetic but not exaggerated and nasal
  • A high resolution permitting rich details. Faint signals can clearly get some fine tuning reproduction
  • Good sound field characterization capability with enough information. The sound field is open, while the instrument positioning is accurate and stable
  • Good sense of large volume with minimal distortion

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The Tin Audio T2 is believed to be an incredible sound item for an affordable price of $49.90. Sure enough, the manufacturers have done the best they could to deliver the item at that price. originally, it sold for $33 moving up to the price of $49:90 later. That price is seen to be a fair one for buyers.


Buy Tin Audio T2 on Amazon Store

Buy Tin Audio T2 on Aliexpress Store


Happily, the T2 has plenty of energy but without regrettable peaks and sibilance to go with it. Tin Audio T2 shares the same criticism with Shozy Hibiki MK2: They come with very basic accessories.

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