Today, I will guide you on how to copy images, videos or any kind of media from your computer to iPhone without using cable, no wifi connection, but still have very fast transfer rate and convenience.

First, you download the for iPhone software HERE and for Windows PC HERE.

Open the iPhone application; you will see the interface with the main features include: Send, Receive files and transferred by

On the computer, open the Share.It app> Manually:

1: Select SEND.

2: Click the + and select the file you want to send: Pictures, videos, music, documents…

3: Select one or more files, folders.

4: Select WIFI.

The software will create a local network connection between the two machines to transfer files. This network will display the name and password.

Back to iPhone, go to Settings> WiFi. You connect the iPhone to the wifi network that the software has created, then you open the application> Select GET.

Now on your laptop press Start.

The file transfer process will take place at a very fast speed and when completed will be successful notification. You check the library on the iPhone to check the image that you send will be saved in it.

For your video and other files, go to the application. In the File manager, the video folder, you click the video you sent and enter it into the library on your iPhone.

Here are simple tips copy data from laptop to iPhone fast, without cable. In addition, you can also send from the iPhone to your laptop or send by connecting to an external wifi network very quickly, convenient without cables.


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