How to record Super Slow Motion videos on Galaxy S10 S10 Plus
How to record Super Slow Motion videos on Galaxy S10 S10 Plus

Undoubtedly, Galaxy S10 is known as one of the best smartphones your money can buy, and if you are making use of the Galaxy S10, you will agree with me that the hardware is superb and sports the best components available for electronics at this time. In regards to the software, this device runs the latest Android iOS has to offer, with Android 9 Pie. Irrespective of Galaxy S10 unique features, sometimes this device will display its imperfect nature. At-times this phone will succumb to even minor bugs and leave it just as problematic as any low-end phone.

We discovered that Galaxy S10 sometimes could crash and becomes unresponsive, and based on our findings, there are no definite set of preparations any developer can do to prevent a phone as good as the S10 sometimes to crash or freeze. Have in mind that anytime you are experiencing that your device is freezing or becoming unresponsive, it is just freezing not broken. In order words, there are two different things between freezing and breaking.

At-times, bugs can develop, due to the fact that there is much Android operating system. In case you are experiencing this problem, and you are worried about how to normalize everything on your Galaxy S10. In order words, how to bring back your Galaxy S10 to its normal working condition, panic no more, the only thing required is just restarting. But in this article, we will walk you through on many troubleshooting steps that will help you eradicate this problem at once.

How To Unfreeze A Frozen Galaxy S10

If you are making use of another phone that is not Galaxy S10 you can disconnect the battery to unfreeze it. But in terms of Galaxy S10, the reverse is the case, because the battery pack is now firmly integrated with the motherboard, and disconnecting the battery is just impossible. The last thing you can do to unfreeze this Galaxy S10 is to simulate the effects of a “Battery Pull.” Follow the guideline below to unfreeze a frozen Galaxy S10.

  1. Press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons for approximately 12 seconds or until the device power cycles. Have in mind that you must allow it for several seconds for the maintenance boot mode screen to appear.

  1. Select Normal Boot, from the Maintenance Boot Mode screen. Hope you are aware that you have to utilize the volume buttons to cycle through the available options and the lower left button (below the volume buttons) to select? Just allow up to 90 seconds for the reset to complete.
  2. In case if maintenance boot mode screen did not appear, then be rest assured that your device does not have it. Be patient for your device to power off completely.

With all confidence, I am aware that this article will help you a whole lot to Unfreeze a Frozen Galaxy S10.

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