It is not only when taking pictures in the evening, in bright environments, or even when shooting in the morning that you don’t need flash, there are times you should also not use phone flash when shooting in low light conditions.

Let’s take for instance:

It’s dark – use flash: However, the picture does not look very eye-catching. Cover the flash with a thin cloth or paper to use a softer light of your phone. The light in the photo is softer, the picture is nicer.

Take a picture in the shade, preferably in the shade. – Use a flash: Taking pictures outdoors in the sun will cause your photo to be too bright or make the contrast increase. Find a shade to capture, the light will be softer, and you can use the flash to brighten the subject.

More indoor light, more natural light – should not use flash: Brightness is now enough, even redundant, so no need to use flash. Turn off artificial light sources so that the light in the picture will be softer.

Take pictures in low light conditions – do not always use flash: First let’s see if you can take advantage of artificial light before considering the use of flash.

Take a photo of a distant object – do not use a flash: For example, when watching stadium events, we will see the crowd seem to be overwhelmed with the flash. Therefore, if using the flash for the shooting will not be effective.

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