There are Whatsapp Plus, GB Whatsapp, and OG Whatsapp but since all three apps do the same and are updated at the same time, it will be a lot better to make use of GB Whatsapp for these tips rendered below.

Introduction To various Whatsapp Apps

Notably, you can use all of these alongside the regular Whatsapp inside the Playstore. However, you need to have multiple Whatsapp accounts. There are some advantages when you use two Whatsapp accounts. I mean when one is different from the other. For example, you can get more features from Whatsapp Plus than you do on the regular Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Plus is a modified version of the regular one and it gives you more opportunities to use what you can’t get from the regular Whatsapp.

Apart from that, GB Whatsapp has improved three dot menu, and other features include: Always online, auto reply, anti revoke, scheduled text, toast, and others.

 Do Not Disturb

In case you are on the internet and you don’t want any Whatsapp messages to come in, all you have to do is turn on the Do Not Disturb feature. This will stop messages from coming in. Also note that your Whatsapp will not get internet access. Even the user can’t send messages until it is disabled.

Hide Contact (GB Whatsapp)

In GB Whatsapp, you can hide contacts you chat with to keep them as secrets. In order to do that, go to the chat tab – tap and hold the contact you want to hide. It would be selected. Tap the three dot menu – tap hide – input your unlock pattern – set recovery question. Done! The contact is hidden.

To unhide, tap on ‘Whatsapp’ on the title bar or on your name – draw the pattern – tap and hold the contacts you want to unhide to select them – tap the three dot menu – select ‘Mark As Visible’

How To Copy/ Download Status

In GB Whatsapp, the user can copy texts and download image/video status. Go to the status – tap on the three dot menu at the top right – tap on copy or download.

How To Go To First Message

If you have exchanged a lot of messages with a friend and you want to see what the first message was, GB Whatsapp can show you in quick time. Open a chat with the fellow – tap the three dot menu at the top right – hit ‘go to first message.’

How To Lock Chat

You can lock chats so that others will not have unauthorized access to the content. All you need to do is enter a passcode. To view the messages you will have to input the passcode. To lock content with passcode, open the chat – tap the three dot menu on the top right – tap ‘lock chat’ – tap enable passcode – enter 4 digit passcode and confirm.

Search/Send Web Images Directly From Chat

With this feature you can quickly search the web for images and send them to persons you’re chatting with.  It saves time as you don’t have to open the phone’s browser to search for images.

How to do it: open chat with a person you want to send images to. At the top right look for the three dot menu – tap ‘Search Web’ – type in what you want – select from any numerous results and send.

How To View Status As List

If you want to arrange all contacts status videos and pictures and then present them in a sorted list, you can go to status tab – tap the three dot menu at the top right – tap ‘View Statuses as List.’

How To Quick Start A New Conversation

You can do this in regular Whatsapp. On the chat tab – hit the search icon – type the name of the person you want to chat with – select it from among the listed close options – the person’s personal chat page will show up.

How To Hide Online Status

In GB Whatsapp you have private menu that allows you to hide your status. Nobody will know whether you are online or not as that space will be blank. At this stage, you will still be able to send and receive messages. To turn this feature on, tap on the three dot menu, tap on Privacy – tap on Hide Online Status.

How To Turn Off Writing Status

This for when you don’t want people to know when you’re typing. On the chat tab tap the three dot menu – tap Privacy –tap Writing Status and disable it.

How To Hide View Status

In GB Whatsapp, you can view a person’s status and it would not show that you’re one of those who viewed the account. The owner of the account wouldn’t be able to know. Turn it on by tapping on the three dot menu – Privacy – Hide View Status.

Anti-Revoke Message

Whatsapp has made it possible for people to delete messages that people psot in it. You can delete for yourself alone, or for everyone. To stop your friends from deleting messages you have already received, you would turn on the anti revoke feature. Any message deleted by your friend will still remain on your phone. To turn it on go to chats tab –three dot menu – Privacy – Enable Anti-Revoke.

How To Schedule A Message

This is for those who don’t want to forget precious or remarkable dates such as birthdays, weddings, and others. If you need to send a message in the future and you don’t want to forget. GB Whatsapp can help. It allows for scheduling messages so that you can send them later. To do this, tap the three dot menu – tap on Message Scheduler – tap the plus button found at the bottom right – select the contact and proceed to type the message – set time – tap Schedule.

Message Auto Reply in GB Whatsapp

If you run a business account on Whatsapp this is useful. You can reply to all messages, ignore specific contacts or certain messages. You can configure it to auto reply messages like “hello” or “help” or others.

To turn it on tap the three dots menu – tap GB settings – tap Auto reply Message – Toggle it on or off – tap the add icon on the bottom left – in the Auto reply message page leave the option to “All” – type in the auto reply message you want others to see – you can also add seconds to delay it. You can also select if you want the message to be delivered to groups too. Enter the start and end time.

You can also omit some contacts from receiving the message by using the Add button. You can also create auto reply messages that contain certain words. Start from the Auto reply message where you have “All.”

How To Set Custom Wall paper For Every Chat GB Whatsapp

This option makes this type of Whatsapp very cool. You have the ability to set a custom wallpaper for every chat instead of having one boring image. To enable it, go to Settings – Appearance –Choose option 1 – Conversation screen – Choose option 1.2 chat to open chat page – tap option 1.2.0 custom wallpaper. That’s it.


Apart from the tips and tricks you have read above, there are many other Whatsapp tips and tricks available. All Whatsapp types – GB, OG, and the normal Whatsapp receive constant updates every time and this makes it hard for anyone to be able to give you the full guide at the moment.


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