Top 10 Android Browsers of 2017

Browsers or Mobile Browsers have evolved to become one of the most used applications daily on an average individual’s smartphone; right after social media apps I presume. Every single day, we check for things online, do Google, Yahoo!, Bing searches, visit countless news websites, gossip and entertainment blogs, shop online, all with our browsers. See how important they are in our day-to-day life activities?

It is in this light that we bring to you; the Top 10 Android Browsers of 2017.

11. UC Bowser

On every 10 Android smartphone user you ask, 7 of them have UC Browser installed on their device’s. That’s shows how popular and formidable this UC browser is among other browsers. The UC Browser opens and loads webpages within seconds, downloads files faster than any other browser out there among its other exciting features. Also, UC has in-built video and music player and likewise, streams videos and music fast too.

Features of the UC Browser include;

  • Fast Download
  • Smooth User Experience
  • Cricket Card Feature
  • Data Saving
  • Ad Block
  • Video for all tastes
  • Facebook Mode
  • Night Mode
  • Customizable theme and background
  • Numerous add-ons

Despite the numerous benefits, the fact that you can open a total of 20 tabs maximum is a limiting feature.

There is also a Mini version of UC Browser; the UC Browser Mini. It is toned down version of the browser. It is also fast in opening webpages but some features have been removed.


Other notable browsers worth mentioning are;

  1. CM Browser
  2. Apus Browser

  3. Dolphin Browser

  4. InBrowser

  5. Flynx



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