Top 5 Alternative Web Browsers to Chrome


Chrome is a browser that dominates the browser market and is very popular. It takes a large market share of about 60% leaving the rest to struggle for the remaining percentage. Although it gives a great browsing experience, it still has its own flaws. Our privacy as users is not guaranteed as Google uses our personal data. Also Chrome is a RAM consumer which can make a computer lag in operations. Because of all these factors, you may want to consider some alternative browser which are discussed in this post.

Alternative Web Browsers to Chrome

  1. Firefox

Concerning speed and privacy, Firefox is the best alternative to Chrome. You have control over privacy and the data you share on the web. It features a dedicated “Tracking Protection” which disallows websites from tracking you. “ Firefox Monitor ” was recently launched by Mozilla which gets you notified when your email ID and password are involved in a data breach. The browser also comes with many features available in Chrome. So if you happen to change to Firefox, you won't miss Google that much. Unlike Chrome which takes much RAM space, Firefox can allow you to open several tabs without lagging.

  1. Opera

A good Chrome-like browser is the Opera browser. This browser offers many features that are similar to the ones on Chrome. This implies that if you're switching from Chrome to this, you won't face much difficulty in using Opera. Even though Opera share many similarities to chrome it has its own unique set of features. One unique feature which is probably the best  is its built-in unlimited VPN tool. This tool comes handy when you want to be security conscious while browsing and unblock region-locked content.

  1. Vivaldi

This is one of the best alternatives to Chrome which was developed by one of the co-founders of Opera. It has gained some popularity since it was launched in 2016. Vivaldi 2.0 was realeased as a major update by the company having variety of new features that should serve every person who wishes to use it. The tab management was improved which is one of the biggest improvement. You can have access to a vertical tab bar, shift the address bar to the bottom, and customize every part of the look and feel of the browser.  It even possesses a split-screen view to be able to view tabs side-by-side.

  1. Tor Browser

If you're concerned about your privacy when browsing, then Tor Browser will be the best for you. Unlike Chrome with its issues of data collection, using Tor will save you from that issue. With Tor, your activities won't be tracked and you  can anonymously surf the internet. The Tor browser achieves this by bouncing your activities around a distributed network of relays managed by  volunteers all around the world. This means the sites you visit cannot be monitored and tracked. Not only does the browser does this, it also let's you gain access to sites that are blocked in your location.

  1. Torch

Those who love media will prefer a browser like Torch, which gives priority to multimedia. Torch comes packed the "Media Grabber " feature, which allows you to download media from the internet with a single click. In addition to this, the browser has a built-in torrent manager, Torch Torrent. Also, if you're not so patient with downloading, you can watch videos before they finish downloadimg via Torch player.

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