Top 5 Bible Apps for iPhone/iPad


The Bible is an important book for religious people who want to know more about God. In previous years, the Bible was always read as a physical book but with advancement in technology, it has taken a new turn. Now, the Bible can be read on our computers and smartphones. The mobility of a smartphone makes it even better as most people carry Bibles about and a smartphone is perfect for this. We've done our research and gotten 5 top bible apps for iPhones and iPads.

Bible Apps for iPhone/iPad

  1. Bible by YouVersion

Design-wise, this Bible app offers simplicity for new users and also give existing users depth of use. The navigation is present at the bottom on the iPhone. The reading expeience is placed at the front and center of the iPad. The navigation menu can be displayed by tapping the menu button while reading on the go. It cones featured with an iOS 9-style split screen on the right, to make the home menu appear on the left. The app has installed some great font options (which includes San Francisco) and multiple themes with a low light option included. YouVersion has 1,266 translations in 919 languages (48 in English). It is free to use as well.


  1. Bible by Olive Tree

This Bible app is a popular one published by Harper Collins Publishing. Its app for iOS  brings users with great features that are available on the Mac, Windows, and web version. It also contains many inexpensive Bible study resources. One con of the app is that you may discover vthst it is difficult to navigate on a mobile device.

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  1. Bible.Is is a mobile bible app that has access to more languages and Bible translation than any other Bible app. It has dramatised Bible audio in it and the JESUS Film project. With this app, it is possible to read the Bible, listen to the bible and enjoy a rich Christian experience.


  1. Bible Quiz 3D

This is an addictive game that you will enjoy to play. In this great app,  users enter into competition against other players online - which implies you have to be connected to the internet. You won't only learn much from the thoughtful trivia questions as a parent or child, it features the Mario Kart style racing elements that will ensure you're put on the edge of your seats and you're already playing the game again.


  1. Bible App for Kids

This is a free app available for iOS.  YouVersion developers created this for smartphone for children who are in their young ages in order to create an avenue for the little ones to gain knowledge about Bible history so that the word of God fills their hearts.  The mobile Bible app gives its users ability to study the Bible characters and history with visuals like colorful and animated pictures that have quality music and the friendly voice of a narrator. Due to the Interactive adventures and beautiful illustrations, children will know more about the great story of the Bible. The app is uniquely designed for kids so that they keep going to the app again and again.


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