Top 5 Features to Watch When Buying a New Smartphone

Whether you have money or not, buying a new smartphone can either be a bad or good experience. It depends on how you go about it. Some expensive devices may or may not serve the purpose you want. Some cheap phones may exceed expectation and vice versa.

So what do you look for when buying a smartphone. The list is short. Look in the next five areas and you will be just fine. However, you need to first know what you want before you venture out to buy one.


The first place you look when you talk about display is the resolution. If you are a gamer or someone who appreciates watching movies, you will love to have a smartphone that is at least out with bigger screens and higher resolution.

Any smartphone screen that is close to 6 inches or a bit higher will do justice. These usually come with resolutions like 1440 x 720 or higher. It means that the screen color and display will be very sharp, yet pleasurable to the eyes. If you watch movies for several hours or play games for long, this should be your aim.

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Anything lesser will bore you after looking at the screens for a few hours.


Performance segments are the ones that tell us about the operating system in a device or the chipset, the CPU, and the GPU. These decide where the device will respond well as in speed when multi-tasking.

Android 8.1 Oreo is the commonest operating system right now, while we await the latest Android software. For chipset, the commonest are Octa-core Cortex A53 right process technology process 28nm in cheap or mid-range devices now and the GPU is Adreno or Mali. The latest video games demand more than these performance metrics mentioned here.

However, they are okay for moderate usage. Placing too much demand as in opening too many web pages and other applications can weigh down the smartphone.


At the storage department, always opt for a phone with at least 2GB of RAM. For instance, there are video games now that when downloaded are as heavy as 1GB. If your smartphone is 1GB, even if you store that game on the microSD card, your device will still feel it. So go for at least a device that comes with 2GB internal memory.

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For anything on internal storage, a 16GB of ROM will do at the basic. The problem with performance is that even the basic user may not know when he or she has overloaded the device.

Top 5 Features to Watch When Buying a New Smartphone 1


When choosing a smartphone with a good rear camera, start with the ones that are 13 MP or above. Notably, this is the best bet for people who are not so photo freaks. Even though 2 MP may be okay for users, it just doesn’t make sense for people who snap pictures with friends or coworkers often.

At the front, a 25 MP camera means that your device is a bit expensive; so anything in the range of 8 MP is good enough. Surely, you could make do for less. Make sure it is VGA quality, no LED flash really needed here at the front.


At the battery department, it doesn’t really matter if your smartphone has got a Li-Ion or Li-Po battery, what matters is that it should be 3000 mAh or above. This will ensure you have 24-hour battery life without charging your device. Remember, a higher resolution, and 4G internet means that the battery of your device should be larger.

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There are other areas one can look to as well, such as the network, sensors, design and others, but nothing really counts as the ones we mention above. If you do, you’re aiming for the average level of smartphones. If you’re not asking for too much, it is hard for you to be disappointed.

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