Top 5 High-End 2018 Smartphones Featuring Best Camera Setup

There are many things amazing found in top quality mobile phones these days. One of the best things about a high-end smartphone is its ability to snap marvelous pictures. These days, unlike before, top-selling movies are making use of smartphones to shoot scenes because the devices offer top quality pictures, images, and videos.

So here we are, giving you the best five smartphones that will serve you in the best way if you want superb camera features in your phone. Mind you, some of these smartphones are very expensive, yet you will not regret buying them especially if what you want is performance above mediocre.

1. Apple iPhone X

I decided to start with this because it is the best of the best when it comes to taking pictures and shooting videos on a mobile phone. This high-end smartphone has a dual camera setup. It is able to snap great images both front and back. The front camera is 12 + 12 dual selfie lenses. That racks up 24 MP in the front alone!

Imagine taking selfies with your friends and bringing out each and every beautiful detail that other phones cannot. The camera to the rear is 7 MP. Yet, it too has amazing features that no one can doubt. So I leave Apple iPhone X in the number one level for best camera phone you can find in 2018.

2. Google Pixel 2 XL

The second in line is the Google Pixel 2 XL, a product from the stable of Alphabet. It is easy for one to say that the camera features on this device matches that of Apple iPhone because the differences in both devices are a thin line. Google Pixel 2 XL also has a great camera setup.

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The camera setup is 12.2 for the primary lenses. The .2 makes it look higher than that of the iPhone X but this is a single camera and pixels can lie or fail at times. The camera algorithm here is also a very good one anyway.

3. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is probably the most adored Android till this moment. If you think I'm wrong, please leave a comment at the end of this post and let me know. The smartphone also possesses great camera ability. I think it got a great camera setup because of the 'Plus' in the brand name.

The main cameras are to the rear and they are 12 + 12 MP as well, which matches that of iPhone X. These, however, pale in performance when compared to the camera mounted on iPhone X. The camera to the front is 8 MP. Main point here is that the picture and video qualities here in Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is lower than that of Google Pixel 2 XL.

4. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Yes, Apple's got a great thing going. The Apple iPhone 8 clinches number 4 on the list. Here's what we got from this amazing smartphone: The primary camera is also dual 12 + 12 MP. But this time, the primary camera is situated to the rear of the phone, while the 8 MP camera is situated to the front.

Overall, when you compare the performance of Apple iPhone 8 Plus with the above smartphones, it goes lower.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The comment on the camera mounted on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is that it is the most dependable. Probably, but its performance in the camera department is lower than that of its peers analyzed above, although it has the same capacity as the rest.

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Amazingly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also has 12 + 12 MP dual rear camera lenses, while the front-facing camera is 8 MP. However when you compare its power when taking pictures during the nights, it is not as great as the smartphones mentioned above.

Your Take

There goes the top five best smartphones offering the superb camera features. It depends on you to pick the one you think you can afford, or that you think may work better for you. There are other smartphones that snap great pictures too but these listed above are the best up until this time.

We wait to see how things pan out as 2018 rolls over. Probably, when it comes to smartphone performance, we haven't seen the best of 2018.

  1. Jude Chukwuemeka says

    For now, I beleive Apple’s got the magic through iPhone X

  2. Folajimi says

    You wrote your opinion without substantial proofs. Why didn’t you take pictures and shoot videos with all the above mentioned phones?! Test the camera in different conditions and then you will be able to come up with good judgement.
    Comparison should be done with open mindedness not based on your preference. Your opinion lacks sincere tech input.

    1. Samuel Afolabi says


      You sound like an Android fan right now. Few things were considered before bringing up this topic. This piece is not just our opinion, but also opinions and results from other people who have tested both the iPhone X and the Pixel 2 XL smartphones. In terms of camera, both devices are tie. But to me, I think if you are an Android fan, you will like the Pixel 2 XL camera better than the iPhone X. the truth is that it is actually very hard to tell which camera is the best between these two devices.

  3. Ogunleye Olusola says

    The primary(back) camera on Google pixel 2 XL beat them all in terms of capturing great shots. Here Google used softwares to enhance its camera.

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Talking about pixel camera… Its superb… Butthe 2 XL cant beat the iPhone X in that

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