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In Nigeria where there is no stable power supply, many Nigerians are forced to depend on fuel, candles, and kerosene to have a source of power and energy. While all these sources of power are useful and readily available, they are not environmentally friendly and safe. Some of the fire incidences in Nigeria can be traced to some of these sources of power.

Furthermore, these sources of power aren’t as cost-effective as opposed to a better alternative power like solar power. Research reveals that the amount spent on fueling a generator is more than what will be spent on using solar energy per month. With all these reasons, it is really a good choice to opt for Solar power.

Here, we’ll make known to you the best solar companies in Nigeria that will help you in installing solar systems and delivering solar energy products.

Best Solar Companies in Nigeria

  1. Ecozar Technologies

1 Ecozar Technologies
Ecozar Technologies

Ecozar Technologies was created in 2014, and since then, it has been offering professional services regarding solar power. They supply, install, and maintain solar systems and inverters. The company is an affordable one that does the installation of solar power systems and inverters in homes and corporate organizations around Nigeria. They have a solid customer relation and employ flexible customer service to strengthen this. They deliver on their routine check-ups after-delivery. Working with the company are a dedicated staff that are professionals and engineers who ensure that you have satisfaction when your solar system is installed.

2. Leks Environmental Limited

Leks Environmental Limited

On this list of the best solar companies in Nigeria is Leks Environmental Limited founded in August 2011. They are known for their renewable energy and safety services in different sectors namely the environmental, health, and scientific arena. One of the best, Leks Environmental Limited sells renewable energy, provide solutions, and construct energy and environmental facilities. Their solutions are expansive and cover areas such as environmental instruments, medical emergency transportation and equipment, waste transportation, and safety & health products.

3. Powertech Solar Energy Limited 

Powertech Solar Energy Limited

Powertech Solar Energy Limited is also among the top players in the alternative power sector. The company provides high-quality power products for homes and businesses with solar power included. The power company isn’t limited to solar power but also provides solutions in other alternative power such as wind power and thermal power. Powertech Solar Energy Ltd areas of specialization include machine procurement, power backup, large scale equipment, and installation of power storage. Other services rendered by the energy company include smart grid power station, off-grid / on-grid solar solutions, wind power systems, portable hybrid rooftop systems.

4. Infinite Solar Solutions Limited

Logo Iss F1
Infinite Solar Solutions Limited

Infinite Solar Solutions Limited is also one of the top players in the solar energy industry in Nigeria. Infinite Solar Solutions Limited are importers, wholesalers/retailers, and installers of solar street light and other solar products. They also deal in products such as garden light, solar batteries, inverters both the hybrid and standalone, solar batteries and more. They have a reputation for delivering excellent customer service, swift delivery of products, and affordable prices.

5. Astrum Energy Solutions

Astrum Energy Logo
Astrum Energy solutions

Astrum Energy Solutions are known to satisfy customers with various energy products, alternative energy, and power optimization devices. The company which is a full-scale solar energy company provides affordable and high-quality renewable energy services with the aim of encouraging a green environment. They deal in products like DC and AC submersible pumps, solar panels, wind generators, and many more.

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