Best hotels
Best hotels

Whether for leisure or business trip, decided well in advance or at the last minute, many will have had to book a hotel without knowing in detail the best location, or the best structure for travels.

In these circumstances, the important thing is never to lose your temper, but rather to try to concentrate on finding the best hotel offer from your smartphone or tablet only by choosing among the best apps to book a hotel at home or abroad.

The best apps to book a mobile hotel

A time to stay overnight in a hotel or tourist village was addressed to travel agencies, now outclassed by the various online services that allow you to streamline your booking as well as obtaining advantageous economic savings.

All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection to download the best apps to book a hotel.

With the advice of friends, leaders in the field of management software for hotels, we will analyze the best applications to be installed on our mobile phone to reserve a room in complete safety and above all, economy.


It certainly needs no introduction to the most popular smartphone app, one of the very first releases on the market. And now available in several languages, the Booking app offers its users the possibility of being able to choose from a variety of hotel structures, over 435,000 divided by price range, but also by category and especially by location.

You can search for any accommodation from the holiday home, hotel or bed, and breakfast at the best price. Often you have the possibility of being able to pay directly on arrival at the facility, and in some bookings, free cancellation is included. The reviews of other users left at the hotel where they stayed, make it possible for future users to read the comments and choose based on the scores obtained by the hotel before booking the selected hotel.


Another free smartphone application useful for booking the most suitable hotel for your trip is TouchHotel which boasts about 315,000 hotels, apartments, hotels in over 50,000 destinations abroad. This application allows users to book accommodation also thanks to the sharing of “favorite hotels” with travelers who are part of the community.


An ideal app to look for a hotel even at the last minute is HotelNow to be able to choose the structure appropriate to your needs, taking advantage of advantageous discounts and offers, but above all, they are updated daily. The offers of accommodation can be booked every day from 6 am, through the smartphone application. The offers of all the hotels are rather advantageous, but the only flaw of the HotelNow app is the possibility to book only single rooms, this app is addressed mainly to lone travelers or business travelers.

The app is available for free for both iOS and Android devices and allows you to search for a hotel among the 220,000 in at least 200 countries. Furthermore, at the first download, new users entering the MOBAND1 code can take advantage of a favorable discount. The smartphone app has customers a section called “local offers for tonight” where you can find the best last-minute daily deals.

Hotel Tonight

It is a smartphone application designed for those who urgently need to book a hotel room is Hotel Tonight, through this app you can book at discounted prices. With the possibility of booking from noon to 2 am among the best hotels in over 150 cities around the world.


Trivago is an app that allows you to compare more than 250 online booking sites to find the lowest price offer. An application that offers a wide choice of hotel facilities among which to filter the various categories according to the needs of the traveler, perhaps preferring a hotel with swimming pool, room with shower or bath, or choose to book a hotel breakfast or half board.


The Airbnb smartphone application specializes in renting rooms and houses for short periods. The Airbnb app in terms of graphics is certainly the best among the various online booking apps present, with a simple and intuitive layout to be able to select more easily and quickly from a list or from the map, the solution preferred by users. It is also possible to consult the profile of the landlords to find out information about their homes, as well as the opinions issued by the travelers who stayed overnight in the structure.

The only flaw of this application is the lack of a fixed rule for the extra costs that can be decided by the same tenant. Some may require you to pay for an additional cash service on arrival, while others will tend to include it in the payment of accommodation directly online. Better then, before making a reservation, it is advisable to try to read the conditions at the bottom of the page to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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