Top Device Companies Think Flex is Great Name for Foldable Smartphones

This is actually about LG, Huawei, and Samsung. These three smartphones makers really believe that a foldable phone can and should be called Flex.

Of course, these are the leading brands when it comes to manufacturing foldable smartphones. However, it appears that they are not being sophisticated when it comes to choosing a name for these phones.

Consumers can hardly tell what actually convey what the name of a new foldable smartphone supposed to be. But some of the foldable smartphones that are yet to come out are out there already in leaks. Their names are popping out too. Although none of these companies have made real announcements yet but it appears that all of them seem to be giving the same kind of names to their foldable smartphones

Flex is a denominator that keeps coming out from most of the names these foldable smartphones will arrive with. In other words, LG, Huawei, and Samsung are reportedly weighing names that have ‘Flex’ somewhere in their upcoming foldable smartphones names.

LetsGoDigital revealed that LG has filed several trademarks with the European Union Intellectual Property Office shows that the company is considering Flex, Foldi, and Duplex as possible names for its foldable handset.

In this case, it appears that all three are filed under categories: smartphones, mobile phones, and that ensures that LG will definitely use one of those names for its flexible display. Also, it is expected that the smartphone company will manufacture the displays that other brands interested in releasing a foldable phone because the technology is at this moment too expensive for any company to undertake or develop on their own.

So, when you look at things in the right perspective, Flex and Foldi from LG seems to be in sync with Samsung’s Galaxy F and Huawei’s Flexi/Flex trademarks. In the case of Duplex, this is an interesting choice by LG but even then Google is using that word for its AI call making feature that has just begun to roll out to fans.

Samsung too likes the word Flex. In fact, we could be having something like Samsung Flex or Galaxy Flex for the name of its first foldable smartphone.

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