Top Lite Apps that reduce battery and data drain on your smartphone

Top Lite Apps that reduces battery and data drain

Sequel to the article on 5 Apps that drain your smartphone battery the most, TechLector brings to you; Top Lightweight (Lite) applications that reduce battery and data drain in your smartphone.

Hours back, an article was posted about applications that cause smartphone batteries to drain faster than they should. If you didn’t read it, you can do that HERE. If you have read it, you would notice that some of these applications are ones which we require on a daily.

Asides using them for fun, we utilize these apps in our businesses too. Talk about Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Some business owners use these medium to interact and chat with their clients, make new deals, nourish old ones and even to take up customer complaint or solve them.

The above reasons make them indispensable. Sort of. We believe the battery and data these applications drain are a small price to pay for their usefulness. Well, you are right. However, the price could be reduced to the barest minimum.

How? By installing “Lightweight” or “Lite” versions of such indispensable applications. Lite applications are simply toned down versions of the original application(s).

While original applications have more functionalities than Lite applications, Lite apps performs the basic functions that the original app carries out. So by using these Lite apps, you won’t be missing out on much fun while you’re​ on the battery and data saving mission. Yes! They also use little space on your device’s memory too.

Now let’s have a look at some of such applications whose Lite version you can install to save battery and data.

Top Lite Apps that reduces battery and data drain

1. Facebook Lite

Top Lite Apps that reduces battery and data drain
Facebook Lite – Top Lite Apps that reduces battery and data drain

The Lite version of the Facebook app is available on various playstore. This lightweight application installs faster​ than the original Facebook app. Also, it launches and runs faster than the main Facebook app too. And while doing all these, it takes a relatively smaller amount of your data and battery juice.

The user interface is simple, minimalistic and features all basic functions that main Facebook app does. Plus the size of the Facebook Lite is less than 1MB.

2. Messenger Lite

Top Lite Apps that reduces battery and data drain
Messenger Lite

Oh Yes! The Facebook Messenger has a lightweight version too. This version takes small storage space, little data, minimal battery consumption and runs on 2G network. You should try it out if your main Messenger app is giving you a hard time; either by causing your smartphone to heat up or ‘cuz it takes too much battery power.

3. UC Browser Mini

Top Lite Apps that reduces battery and data drain
UC Browser Mini

This is the smaller version of one of the most popular web browser on the Android platform. The UC Browser Mini (or UC Mini) uses less power and storage space unlike its bigger version.

4. Opera Mini

Top Lite Apps that saves battery
Opera Mini – Top Lite Apps that reduces battery and data drain

This app, no doubt, is one of the most widely used browser out there…and you should try it too if you haven’t. Opera Mini is the Lite version of the Opera web browser and it is simply amazing. Easy to use, navigate and doesn’t zap battery or data.

5. Camera360 Lite

Camera360 Lite – Top Lite Apps that reduces battery and data drain

This application is the small version of the main Camera360 app. This app still manages to provide good HD images and amazing filters like the main app. It is also small in size (about 4MB) and consumes less battery.

There you have it people. Best Lite app you can install on your smartphone to save battery juice, data and storage space. So instead of deleting those apps, you can just install their lightweight versions in lieu.

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