Top Phones with 5 camera setup 2019

    LG V40 thinQ
    LG V40 thinQ

    Smartphones with 5 cameras were widely accepted worldwide when the companies released them. Those were the main highlights often mentioned at the outset of articles or discussions about those phones. Here as well, we are taking a look at these powerful devices that come with a large heart; so-to-speak. However, not all these phones were manufactured in 2019.

    One thing that makes this title sound enigmatic is the issue of space found on a mobile phone. Yet, some phone manufacturers are cramping more and more cameras on a single phone. If your desire is to purchase a phone with multiple cameras, here you are. We will give you the list of the best five phones that arrived with five cameras. most of them had four cameras at the rear and one camera at the front. Let’s check these phones out. We will do our best to limit discussions on just the camera features.

    Lenovo Z6 Pro

    Lenovo Z6 Pro

    This one boasts of 48 MP main camera with PDAF at the rear. But that isn’t the only one there. There are 8 MP, 16 MP and 2 MP lenses found at the rear of that phone. One of them, the 16 MP has f/2.2 12mm ultrawide feature. At the front for selfies, we find a powerful 32 MP single HDR camera that is able to handle 1080p video feature. Learn more about this phone here.

    Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

    Samsung is at it too. This time, the company ensures that the phone arrives with 24 MP camera at the rear. That is the main camera and it is supported by 5 MP, 10 MP, and 8 MP cameras all at the rear of the phone. At the front for selfies there is a single 24 MP camera too. Take note that this is the same measure with the main rear camera as well. Learn more about this Samsung product here.

    LG V40 ThinQ

    LG V40 thinQ
    LG V40 thinQ

    This phone comes with camera features like those of the Lenovo above. 48 MP camera which stands for the main thing and there are others as well for support. These are 8 MP, 5 MP, and 2 MP cameras, each arrived with unique features that users love. However, the selfie camera is 16 MP Read a review of this phone here.

    Huawei P30 Pro

    This is one of the best phones on planet earth. The composition of the camera is not ultra-high though. It is 40 MP main camera, with 8 MP, 20 MP, and a TOF 3D camera. Nice features, for one of them also comes with ultrawide feature. But the selfie camera to the front is 32 MP with laudable features as well. Would you like to know how powerful this phone is? Click here.

    Honor 20 Pro


    We will make this ‘Honor’ our last on the list. That is not to say that it is lesser as a phone when you compare it with others above. There is also 48 MP main camera at the rear, supported by 8 MP, 16 MP, and 2 MP  cameras to tell you that it matches the camera features of Lenovo above. For the front, the selfie camera is 32 MP and this is where the two differ in camera composition. Learn more.


    It is hard to know that we have 5 camera smartphones out there. But there are even more in the market. Anyone of the ones you pick above will be just fine for you. These are high quality smartphones that people are already enjoying their usage. Please drop your comments below and let’s know you feel about five-camera smartphones.

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