Top 11 Satellite Frequencies and Symbol rates for FTA Channels – 2019

Are you searching for the latest FTA channels that show the best sport and entertaining contents? Well, you have come to the right blog. FTA viewing in India, Europe, America, and Africa is very popular. They are a lot of channels currently broadcasting for free on various satellites.

In this post, I will be listing out some FTA satellite channels and frequencies you can track perfectly using FTA receivers.

Before we begin, below are some of the requirements;

  1. A Satellite Dish – A 60 or 90 cm dish will do.
  2. LNBF
  3. A Satellite Receiver – I recommend a strong decoder. They are the best for viewing FTA channels.
  4. Radio Frequency cables.
  5. An experienced installer – Contact your installer to help mount and setup your equipment.

Frequencies of Available Free to Air Channels in Nigeria

  1. Mega Choice at 29/30° East TP: 11294 H: 45000 Dish: 1 m
  2. Multi TV (Astra2F) at 28.2°, 28.5°, and 26° East TP: 11595 H: 30000 Dish: 1m
  3. Hotbird at 13° East TP:11541 H:22000 Dish: 3m
  4. AFN at 9° East TP: 11804 H: 27500 Dish: 1 m
  5. Eutelsat at 36° East TP: 12245 H: 27500
  6. Eutelsat at 7° East TP: 11599 H: 27500 Dish: 1 m
  7. Eutelsat at 15° East Dish: 0.9 m Sirius 4 at 5° East Dish: 0.9 m
  8. Intelsat 20 at 68.5° East TP: 12633 H: 16166 Dish: 0.6 m
  9. Intelsat 7 at 68.5° East TP: 12722 H: 26657 Dish: 0.6 m
  10. Ses at 4.8° East TP: 12014 H: 30000 Dish: 0.6 m (0.9 m recommended)
  11. NSS7 at 22° West TP: 10986 H: 30000 Dish: 0.6 m

West Africans most especially Nigerians will be getting some new FTA channels on MultiTV (Astra2F) and Amos (Eutelsat16A) satellites because CWG in partnership with SES is in the process of creating the premier FTA DHT platform in this region. Some of the FTA channels on these satellites are Star TV, ITV, EATV, Channel Ten, Star Music, France 24 English, Emmanuel TV, Star Movies +, Sky Vision, etc.

While Amos (ABS) includes some of the best TV programs available to date. Channels that can be found here include Wap TV, TVC Entertainment, Channels TV, Starmovies, African Movie Net, etc. FTA viewers in these regions can get lots of African and Christian channels on Eutelsat 7A and Intelsat7 satellites.

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