Valentines Day Tech Gifts
Valentines Day Tech Gifts

OK Ladies and Gentlemen! Attention please.

The day (actually, the most important) every adult, couple and even youths out there await in the month of February is just some couple of hours away and we at decide to confer this precious piece unto our loyal (and soon to be loyal) followers.

As it is popularly, customarily and traditionally known, every 14th day in every month of February of any year is the day set aside for the celebration of the Valentine’s Day. Albeit some individuals are cynical about this day, citing the fussy and usual statement “I show love to my lover everyday already” as justification for their belief. Despite this, the number of people celebrating this special day of love is ever-ly on the rise. Don’t believe me, read on. According to, approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas. There you have it “Thomases”, keep the doubts to yourselves.

All across nooks and crannies of Nigeria, Africa, and the planet Earth as a whole, people come together to show and share love and gifts with the mindset of expressing the magnitude and level of love they have towards their Valentine – all in the name of St. Valentine. Gift cards, candy, flowers, and even luxurious outings are common examples of things exchanged between loved ones during this period. But hey! Let’s be honest with each other here for a second. Yeah, let’s be. Now journey with me into the next paragraph with the honest part of your heart only. Thank you.

Flowers? Candy? Cards? Reeeeaaaaaaalllllllyyy?

I mean, these things aren’t bad. In fact, they are very much widely distanced from being bad. But my point is why not spice things up a little bit. Don’t just go on and be like everyone else this Valentine. Avoid boring your partner with the same flower, or candy or cologne you got her, or him the last Valentine and the one before. Be unique. Stand out. Wow him/her. Add a little bit of salt to things this season – not too much though. And neither should it be too little that it doesn’t end up serving its purpose. #wink

Our suggestion? Tech things up a little bit. Don’t just send her that bulk of rose alone, supplement it with an affordable yet sleek digital camera. You thinking of getting your man a wrist watch? Trust me, he has probably seen the kind of wrist watch that’s on your radar a thousand time. There are loads of smartwatches available for purchase across some tech stores and online malls. Get him one. Also, physical Valentine’s Day cards kinda reeks “cliche” nowadays – somewhat endearing. You can give Facebook’s Valentine’s Day Card a try. Incorporate tech into your Valentine Day celebration. Make it amazing. That’s just the idea. Definitely, something amazing awaits you as quid pro quo too!

Now let’s segue onto tech stuff you can get your significant “half” this Valentine that’s surely gonna make him/her wish Valentine could be celebrated every month.

Valentine’s Day Present FOR HER

1. i-Life ZED Air Windows 10 Mini Laptop

Is she a banker? A student? A lawyer? A secretary? Does she do a lot of work that has to do with computing? Or perhaps she has made comments about how old, rusty and bulky her laptop have become? Then think no further, this, mister, is her Valentine’s Day gift.

The i-Life ZED Air Mini is a portable mini laptop that offers you the fun side of Windows 10 OS. It is also the slimmest laptop right now; it is thinner than an empty wallet and measures 16.2mm in thickness and weighs 1.53kg.

Key Features
  • Series and Family: ZED AIR Mini
  • CPU: INTEL Atom
  • CPU Internal Clock Rate: up to 1.83 GHz
  • CPU Core Quantity: 4 (Quad Core)
  • GPU: Intel HD
  • Installed RAM Storage Capacity: 2 GB

Now tell me why she wouldn’t love this and love you forever when you get her this for Valentine.

Where to Buy iLife ZED Air Laptop & Pay On Delivery

Konga|from N79,000 CLICK HERE FOR OFFERS!

Jumia|from N80,200 CLICK HERE FOR OFFERS!

2. Generic M6 – Detachable Music Headphone for SmartPhone – Pink

Is she a music lover? or a music freak? Does she need music as a lullaby to fall asleep? Or weirdly, she’s just a natural headset lover. Are you also on the look out for something affordable? Then this is the perfect mix to add to her Valentine Gift pack. See key features of this headset below;

  • Detachable design – could make use of an auxiliary cable or Bluetooth.
  • Soft earpad – for comfort
  • 3.5mm audio interface
  • Adopt piano stoving varnish – isn’t this just something that will blow her mind?
  • The Pink colour & the 0.35kg weight is just perfect.

Where to Buy  Generic M6 – Detachable Music Headphone

Jumia|from ₦ 7,490. Click HERE to buy

3. Bluetooth Smart Touch Bracelet Watch

Yes. Wrist watches are everywhere. We could say the same for bracelets. Begs the question: What do you call a device, an accessory that is a bracelet, doubles as a wristwatch, has Bluetooth connectivity and is a smartwatch too?

AMAZING! Yes, that’s what you call such kind of device.

The “Amazing” (that’s the name I gave it) will connect to her phone via Bluetooth. It sports an OLED screen showing the time, a pedometer, alerts her of incoming call, displays caller number, Alarm clock reminder, synchronize music play, message notification and has supports languages including English, Korean, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and other languages.

If I were a girl, I’d want this (LOL)

Where to Buy  Bluetooth Smart Touch Bracelet Watch

Konga|from N4,700. Click HERE to buy

Valentine’s Day Present FOR HIM

1. Tecno W5 Smartphone


The Tecno W5 is among the latest addition to Tecno’s W series range of smartphones. This new Tecno W5 phablet is an upgrade version of the Tecno W4 and it sports a 5.5-inch HD display, Fingerprint scanner, 4G LTE connectivity, Android 6.0(Marshmallow) operating system and whole lot of features.

This is just a lovely device to present to your man during the period. It reeks so much class and also very affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to get your man the right gift. There’s recession remember? Hehehe

Where to Buy Tecno Phones/Tablets S & Pay On Delivery

Jumia Nigeria |from N13,995 View Price Offers, Click Here!

Jumia Kenya |from Ksh3,530 View Price Offers, Click Here!

Jumia Ghana |from GH₵159 View Price Offers, Click Here!

2. Smartwatch A1-1.54 Inch Smart Watch / GSM Phone


As ealier mentioned, wristwatches are meant to tell the time alone anymore. Not in this era we’re living in. Now if don’t want a man with a medieval fashion taste or someone who isn’t in vogue, it’s high time you started getting enough resources to build the man you want. The A1-1.54 Inch Smart Watch will be one of such resource. And what perfect time to strike than this Valentines? You could also use this to up your man’s already “okay” or mediocre fashion game too. Show him you care about him. Unveil the appreciation you have towards him for being a part of your life.

  • Dialer / Bluetooth phone call: You can dial or answer a phone call from your wrist watch
  • Phonebook / call log / message / music synchronization: No need to pay close your attention to your cellphone, you can also receive notifications from your smartwatch phone
  • 1.54 inch touch screen: 240×240 pixel screen is best suitable screen size with high definition picture displaying gives you great user experience
  • Camera-Built-in 0.3MP camera:  You can freely take photo and record video and sync your smartphone
  • Remote capture: You can also use your watch to control your phone’s camera, but ensure your phone’s camera has been switched on in advance
  • Sleep monitoring: Carefully monitor your sleep quality, to provide you with a scientific sleep time

Where to Buy  A1-1.54 Inch Smart Watch / GSM Phone

Jumia Nigeria |from ₦ 11,999. Click HERE to buy

3. Amkov Digital Camera Video Camcorder 3 inch 0.45X

Yes Lady. Get him a digital camera. He has enough shirt already. His wardrobe is stocked with Polos he may never get to wear before the years runs out. Get him something that will bring your name to his heart whenever he sees it. Something to take your relationship to the next level. That thing to take shots of memories you and your significant other had together. The Amkov Digital Camera is exactly what you need.

With 3.0 inch TFT screen, 4x digital zoom and 180 degrees rotatable screen, you can be sure to have shots of your next picnic, field trip or any other adventurous outing with your lover… at the best possible angles too. The 32GB SD card support also gives room to hold as many pictures as the waters in the ocean.

  • 3.0 inch TFT screen
  • 4x digital zoom
  • 180 degrees rotatable screen
  • Support SD card 32GB
  • Support face detection
  • Support  smile face capture
  • Smart stabilization, anti-shake
  • Built-in 3.7V 800mAh battery
  • 0.45X super wide angle lens
  • Support LED flash light

Where to Buy Amkov Digital Camera Video Camcorder 3 inch 0.45X

Jumia Nigeria |from ₦ 34,380

. Click HERE to buy

4. Universal 3-in-1 Clip On Camera Lens


And just in case you are on a really tight budget, and you can afford to get him a digital camera, don’t worry, you can still show love and celebrate the period with a Clip On camera lens (otherwise called the Fish Eye lens) as a gift to your man. It captures moments just fine too!

The universal design of the kit allows you to use it easily with a multitude of different portable devices. Fish Eye Lens Works like an ultra-wide angle lens with it, your phone lens will capture rounded images instead of square ones, 180 degrees of the scene can be captured by Fish-eye lens; 1 x 2 in 1 Macro Lens and Wide Angle Lens Two lenses combined for easy storage and transport. It is super affordable too!

Trust me, he will appreciate the gesture.

Where to Buy Universal 3-in-1 Clip On Camera Lens

Jumia Nigeria |from ₦ 850. Click HERE to buy

There you have it people, tech-inspired Valentine’s Day Gift for your lover.

Don’t forget to let us know what you got her – be it a tech gift or not, be it a product listed above or not. We wanna know. And if you picked an idea from here, it would only be cruel of you not to feed us the details – if your partner loved the gift or not (Not? Who wouldn’t love these amazing gifts? #Smiles).

Got any question or inquiry, please use the comment box and you’d definitely hear from us.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! (Yeah, in advance).

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