Home Exercises
Home Exercises

To keep fit, given the current emergency situation, all of us or at least the most willing, we are forced to carry out our training at home (garage or garden for the lucky ones), also considering the closing of the gyms. Fortunately, to meet these needs, there are several interesting and valid applications available online,

prepared by experts, to provide exercises that are simple to perform, but effective.

Usually, the apps are all structured in a similar way, a voice, and a short movie explaining the exercise to be performed, to then be motivated during the session. Furthermore, many solutions provide the possibility of creating personalized training plans, which often vary the exercises proposed, so as not to cause boredom. Unfortunately, all of these apps offer basic functions for free and the more advanced paid ones, usually with a monthly subscription.

In this article, we will see how to train at home, through the best apps available for smartphones and tablets, perfect applications for both women and men, performing both toning and cardio exercises to help you lose weight or increase muscle mass.

The best apps for training at home

Home Exercises – Without Equipment (Android and iOS)

It is a very popular app for those who prefer to train at home and have no equipment available. The app is free, at least in its basic version, and offers a good number of exercises. You can start from the lightest training plan, and then gradually move on to the more advanced ones. The app is available with this name for free on the Android Play Store, while on iOS and its App Store you can find it under the name of Home Training.

Freeletics – Personal Trainer (Android and iOS)

This app is not specifically indicated for home training, rather it is an interesting solution for training outside the gym, called “free body“. So it includes running and other outdoor activities. It is in this list because it has a very interesting function that allows you to adapt the exercises to the resources available. So even this excellent app becomes a good solution for those who want to train at home. Like many other solutions, the app is free in its basic functions, and for advanced ones, the monthly subscription is required. Freeletics is available for Android and iOS, respectively on the Play Store and App Store.

Adidas Training by Runtastic (Android and iOS)

The well-known sportswear brand has acquired Runtastic (the well-known app for tracing its routes), releasing its own heavily sponsored version. Ignoring sponsorship, Adidas Training is a really good app for individual training: it provides many well-explained exercises (180 dedicated to home training) and allows you to effectively keep track of your progress, finally offers a clean and modern. The app is available for free with in-app purchases on the Play Store and App Store.

Home Workouts – Fit Challenges (Android and iOS)

Also this app is really complete and appreciated, it provides many exercises (more than 100) to train effectively even within the walls of the house. The app is designed for those who do not have specific equipment, so it is really useful for everyone. It is based on HICT, which stands for

High-Intensity Circuit Training, in our language high-intensity training circuit. It is a highly appreciated type of workout that blends cardio with purely fitness activities, usually in circuits of thirty minutes. The app is available for free with in-app purchases on the
Play Store and the App Store.

Exercises at Home – Fitness and Bodybuilding (Android)

If you already have some basic tools at home, this app could be for you, it has a splendid and modern interface and allows you to do many exercises (well 525 selected by the experts for you) and to monitor your progress. The app is highly appreciated, it has many interesting functions, such as the ability to set up your own playlist of music tracks to get the charge, the availability of detailed statistics and the ability to synchronize your data with Google Fit. Exercises at Home – Fitness, and Bodybuilding is unfortunately only available for Android, you can find it on the Play Store.

Full Body Workout at Home (iOS)

This is another home fitness app, similar to the ones we covered above. Also this application offers comfortable 3D models and HD animations to illustrate the many home exercises proposed. This solution is also based on HICT and offers a complete 8-week training plan. The app in its basic functions is free, to access the advanced ones of the Pro version a monthly subscription is required. The app is unfortunately not available for Android, you can find it for iOS on the App Store.

The suggested applications provide valid training programs, some of which are anticipated by warm-up exercises, both with bodyweight exercises and by taking advantage of something easily available at home. It only takes a few minutes a day to maintain your physical shape or maybe lose weight, all if always supported by a healthy, balanced and correct diet.

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