Transfer Google Play Music playlists to YouTube Music

Google music streaming YouTube Music is set to compete with the likes of Spotify. While YouTube Music is a standalone app, it’s part of YouTube Premium. So with YouTube Premium, you get free unlimited audio and video streaming. You can have a YouTube experience without ads for € 2 a month.

But what about the Play Store Music? In a few months, it will be unplugged, which means it’s probably a good time to transfer your playlists from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. Exporting playlists from Google Play Music is a bit tricky compared to other music streaming apps and only two of the many music engines I’ve tried work. Let’s start.

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1. Soundiiz

Soundiiz is a web app that works with many music streaming services including Google Play Music and YouTube Music. To get started, visit the site using the link below and click the Start Now button.

Log in or create a new account using one of the social media accounts. It is not necessary to verify your account in this way. This will save you some precious time.

Find the transfer option in the left sidebar and select it.

In the free version of Soundiiz, you can only transfer playlists, then select it.

Soundiiz will now ask you to choose a source, a music streaming service from which you want to transfer playlists. Select Google Play Music here.

At this point, Google will ask you to get an access code. For those who don’t know what it is, Google wants to protect your account and this acts as a second verification system. Just click on the big blue link.

You will need to re-enter your Google login details after which an access code will be automatically generated. Just copy it and paste it there before clicking the Connect button.

Now you can choose one or all of the playlists you have saved on Google Play Music. There is no limit even in the free account. When finished, click Confirm and continue.

Soundiiz offers a couple of additional options that are missing in other music data movers. In step 4, you can choose a new title and description for the playlist and decide if you want the playlist to be private or public. Here you can also delete duplicate songs from the list. Click Save configuration when done.

If you wish, you can remove songs from playlists in this step. Do you know when you do house cleaning? Click Confirm Track List when done.

Select your destination as YouTube Music where you want to transfer curated playlists. Log in using your Google account and allow Soundiiz to access your YouTube account here.

The transfer took less than a minute in my case, but I was only transferring a playlist. It may take longer depending on the number of playlists and tracks within each playlist.

While transferring playlists between most music streaming applications is free, Google Play Music is not. You will need a premium account because Google has made it really difficult to use it and there are not many apps that understood it. It will cost you € 3 a month but offers additional features such as synchronizing playlists between music streaming apps, transferring playlists with up to 200 songs and transferring other music data.

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2. Stamp

Stamp is the only other app that has figured out how to move playlists and other music-related data to and from Google Play Music. It is available on desktops and mobile devices. For this guide, I will use the Android app. Launch the app and select Google Play Music as the source. Sign in with your Google account.

Google will now ask you to get a password for the app. Don’t worry we thought about it.

Go to my Google Accounts page and in the Security tab, look for the app Password option.

For security reasons, you will be asked to log in again. Now you can choose a “Custom Name” for an app and easily generate a password for the app.

This newly generated password is now the password for your Google account. Return to Stamp and log into your Google account using this app password instead of the normal Google account password. Now select YouTube as your destination. Don’t worry. The playlists will still appear in your YouTube Music app as both are deeply integrated.

Now you know the method. Choose the playlists you want to transfer. Click on Start when done.

Note that the free version of Stamp lets you transfer only ten songs from a single playlist. The pro version of Stamp will cost you $ 9.99 for any platform and $ 14.99 for all platforms.


My suggestion is to jump off the ship as soon as possible. Google will surely make the announcement giving us enough time to migrate, due to the restrictive nature of Google playing music and how it handles the data, it is possible that the solutions above may not work in the future.


  1. Another great tool to transfer your music/playlists from google music to youtube music is “MusConv Tool”. It also works with other major services as well like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, SoundCloud and others!


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