Last year’s Samsung A line underwent a major overhaul. The line dedicated to the middle range of Koreans was already restructured, the J series disappeared and the surviving models were included in an intermediate category, while the Samsung Galaxy A series, doubled the number in its surname, offering many options to users. The Samsung Galaxy A10 was the first until the arrival of the Galaxy A10e, now the time has come to replace it.

And as is happening with other siblings of the same category, the step forward in terms of the first name will be to add a number to the surname. So, for this year we expect the Samsung Galaxy A11. This phone has already made headlines in the past, what we are talking about today are its rear cameras and its battery. Triple camera for the Galaxy A11.

Three cameras, 4,000 mAh and Android 10

Looking closely, switching to three cameras with this Samsung Galaxy A11 isn’t as surprising a jump as it might seem. It is true that the original Samsung Galaxy A10 had a single rear camera and that the Samsung Galaxy A10e, even more, modest in specifications, repeated the same number. But the Samsung Galaxy A10 that arrived mid-season, a kind of version 1.5, has already gone from one to two rear lenses, so the jump made was not so great.

Therefore, FCC releases part of the documentation submitted by Samsung to certify its new Samsung Galaxy A11 and shows how the phone of the Koreans will have three cameras positioned on the back. There is no data on the cameras added compared to the previous generation but it is said that they could be two-megapixel sensors. One of these for depth and the other macro. We’ll see.

Another of the data collected by the FCC talks about this Galaxy A11 that arrives on the market with a 4,000 mAh battery, although, unfortunately, no mention is made of its charging system. Charging watts can make a difference at this point and we expect at least 10 W for the Galaxy A11, although we have to wait for the manufacturer to confirm it.

To the camera and battery are added old information that tells us about a Snapdragon 625 or 626, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB for internal memory, Android 10 based on OneUI 2.0 and four available colors: white, red, blue and black. Again, we will see if everything is confirmed when the phone is presented, it should arrive in March.

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