The new iPhone X comes with a “Tap to Wake” feature which lets you wake the screen of your iPhone X simply by tapping on the screen.This method is a very quick way to check time, notifications, battery percentage, etc on the lock screen.

However, what if you mistakenly tap the screen or you wish to disable the feature to extend the battery life of the device or you do not just like the feature? Well, good for you because you can easily disable the “Tap to Wake” feature on your iPhone X. Read on to learn how.

There is another feature which is quite similar to the “Tap to Wake” feature. This one is known as “Raise to Wake” and this feature wakes the screen of your device whenever you pick it up. If the “Raise to Wake” feature is available for your iPhone, disabling the “Tap to Wake” feature will not affect your user experience.

How to Turn Off The “Tap to Wake” Feature on iPhone X

  1. First of all, unlock your iPhone X and then open the Settings app.
  2. Next, tap on the General option and then tap on “Accessibility.”
  3. Next, toggle the switch beside “Tap to Wake” to turn it off.

That is all.

So whenever you tap on the screen of your iPhone X, it will not wake. If however, you wish to reactivate the feature on your iPhone X, simply follow the steps above and when you get to the screen where the “Tap to Wake” option and the switch is, simply toggle the switch to turn it back on.

So, have you enable the “Raise to Wake” feature on your iPhone X? Well, this feature is activated on the iPhone X by default but if you have turned it off or you just found out it is deactivated, you can activate it to wake your device screen quickly. To activate the “Raise to Wake” feature on your iPhone X, follow the steps below.

How to Activate Raise to Wake on iPhone X

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone X
  2. Tap on the “Display and Brightness” and then toggle the switch beside “Raise to Wake” to activate it.

Wrapping Up

How has your experience with the iPhone X been? Have you finally gotten a hang of the iPhone X swipe gestures? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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