TVTAP: TV and IPTV Streaming Free Android (Satellite And Digital)

TVTAP: TV app and free Android IPTV

Today I want to point out to all Android users an app to watch everything you want via streaming on Android.

The program in question is called TVTAP. It is used for the streaming of digital and satellite television on Android smartphones and tablets. In practice, it is one of the best IPTV apps for Android.

That said, let’s talk about TVTAP again.

What is not clear from the name of the program are the incredible potential of this app and the features offered for free to users who install it.

With TVTAP, in fact, you can really watch everything in streaming for free on Android in a couple of clicks.

In particular, this program allows you to watch all the main channels of local digital and satellite television (IPTV) in streaming for free on Android. 

Actually, TVTAP allows you to watch foreign channels. But let’s not waste time and see immediately what it offers and how TVTAP works.

What is TVTAP?

TVTAP is a fantastic app to watch television (IPTV) on Android. 

It’s free and with very little publicity, and this is already a big point in its favor.

But, beyond that, it works really well and allows you to watch all the main channels of digital TV and satellite TV streaming on Android. 

Whether you want to watch the classic Rai, Mediaset or other digital TV channels, or you want to watch some satellite TV channels (yes, those that are usually paid, the famous IPTV channels) little change: you simply have to start the program, choose Italy as a country, scroll through the list of channels, choose the one you are interested in and enjoy streaming.

Very interesting to note that the streaming is really perfect, with a very high quality, without blocks, slowdowns or buffering.

In short, TVTAP is a show!

Also interesting to note that you will not have to configure anything: a click to choose the channel and in a few seconds you will be operative and you can watch everything you want in streaming for free with TVTAP. 

You will not even have to install third-party video apps: the video player is already integrated into the program.

The interface of TVTAP,  among other things, is very clear, intuitive and well organized, with channels distinguished by clear and immediately recognizable logos.

Do not miss the search function, to quickly find the channel of your interest, the one that allows you to add channels to your favorites, the one that allows you to group channels by category, the one that lets you know what are the last channels played and much more.

In short,  TVTAP is really a fantastic app to watch television (IPTV) with Android. 

To use it you do not need any registration: just download and install the app manually (which is not on the Play Store for obvious reasons).

All very immediate and all for free. Surely, however, it is an ideal solution even for novice users to watch free IPTV streaming on Android. 

What can you watch TVTAP?

As anticipated, this program for Android allows you to really watch everything in streaming for free:

  • digital terrestrial TV
  • satellite TV
  • IPTV
  • movies (those transmitted by satellite TV)
  • all local and international sports (the one transmitted by satellite TV)
  • all matches (those transmitted by satellite TV)
  • all F1 races
  • all MotoGP races
  • much, much more

Now you understand why TVTAP is such a powerful program that it can not miss on your Android smartphone/tablet?

And TVTAP becomes even more useful if you have an Android TV Box: by downloading this file to your TV Box, you can stream everything you want directly to your television, for free and without wasting time configuring anything. What a show!

How to download and install TVTAP?

I’m sure I made you want to try this program, right? So we do not waste time and immediately go to download and install it.

Obviously, TVTAP is not on the Android Play Store, so you will need to download the APK file and install it manually on your Android device.

TVTAP (former UKTVNOW) Download

Find the APT file of TVTAP to THIS LINK (not uploaded by us, link found on the net, copied and pasted here).

Now that you have downloaded the program, you need to install it on your Android using any file manager.

Once this is done, open TVTAP and enjoy this fantastic program to watch IPTV for free on Android.

How to use TVTAP?

It’s all very easy:

  • open TVTAP
  • choose your country
  • choose the channel to watch
  • you enjoy streaming

All simple, right?

The audio and video quality of TVTAP

As anticipated, and as you can see for yourself, if your internet connection is fast enough, the audio and video quality offered by TVTAP is AWESOME.

Never a block, a slowdown, a channel that does not work, nothing at all. Everything works perfectly, without buffering and without advertising. 

And as you can see, the video quality is also in high definition: if you use TVTAP  on your Android TV BOX you can enjoy all the HD IPTV for free. 


In short, what else to add? I think TVTAP  is one of the best apps to watch anything in streaming for free on Android.

Run immediately to download and try this program, you will not be disappointed in any way.

Leave a comment at the end of the article for any doubt or question and above all let me know what you think about TVTAP for Android. 

Before leaving the article, some other interesting info.

TVTAP | UKTVNOW changes its name and updates

I’m not sure yet, but some sites on the net claim that  TVTAP is the new version of the “old” UKTVNOW. 

Honestly, I can not confirm this.

Reading on the web I understand that the old UKTVNOW is no longer updated in favor of TVTAP, but also from this point of view I have no certainties.

For now, the only certainty I have is that TVTAP works very well and actually seems a valid alternative to UKTVNOW. 

Definitely, a program to try to watch TV and IPTV streaming for free on Android. 


UKTVNOW was a free program for watching IPTV and streaming satellite television.

Of course, this TVTAP is also available for free.

TVTAP Firestick

Just like UKTVNOW, TVTAP is also available for Firestick and Android TV Box, as well as for Android smartphones and tablets.

In short, any platform is your possession, you can download and install TVTAP to watch IPTV for free streaming.

TVTAP for Windows | UKTVNOW PC

At the moment there is no official app for TVTAP for Windows PC. It is not even expected.


  • the service has not been developed by us: in this article, we simply do the review, as we do with every other program for Windows PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet Android and iOS
  • if you use the app or service to illegally watch sports/movies or anything else in streaming, do so at your own risk, assuming the responsibilities of the case
  • This article is for information purposes only, to respond to all the emails I receive every day since responding individually to everyone became complicated
  • this article does not in any way entice the user to violate any copyright of the contents but is intended as a disclosure of information on the operation of app/extension/add-on already present and available online and easily identified with a simple search on Google
  • I strongly discourage the use of these services, since I do not know if they are legal or not
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