Twitter Announces 3 New Changes To Combat Abusive Tweets And Users

Twitter Announces 3 New Changes To Combat Abusive Tweets And Users 1

Yesterday, in a statement themed “An Update on Safety”, Twitter announced three changes that will be embodied onto its platform with an overall aim of curbing abusive contents, and also indirectly, abusive users.

This development interestingly comes a week after top Twitter executives stated that “making the service safer for users was the company’s primary focus”. CEO Jack Dorsey also tweeted that the social media company was taking a “completely new approach” to abolishing abuse on the platform.

“Today, we’re announcing three changes: stopping the creation of new abusive accounts, bringing forward safer search results, and collapsing potentially abusive or low-quality Tweets”, Twitter said.

First, of the three (3) changes, Twitter will be stopping the creation of new abusive accounts. Twitter said it has been taking some measures to identify users who have been permanently suspended and prevent them from creating new accounts in the future. This control measure focuses more on controlling some of the most common, damaging and cliche forms of behaviour, most especially by accounts created only to abuse and harass other users.

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Secondly, we will get to see Twitter introduce a more safer search results. The ‘safe search’ idea aims at eliminating Tweets that contain potentially sensitive content whenever a search is being carried out by any user. Also, tweets from accounts that have been blocked or muted will also not find its way into search results. Abusive contents will, however, be discoverable if you want to find them or need them, but they just won’t be displayed in search results any longer.

Last on the list; Twitter will henceforth hide tweets or replies to tweets that seem abusive or smell any form of abuse. Yes, “low-quality” tweets and replies will be collapsed from the reply section too.

The rationale behind collapsing or hiding such selected tweets is to bring forward the most relevant conversations and replies that can be of utmost benefit to users. More like placing the high-class individuals on the VIP table or bringing the brilliant and bright students to the front seats in the s.

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The “low quality” tweets/replies will definitely still be accessible to those who seek them… but you’d have to walk your way to the back seat to get them for whatever reason you need them for.

While these changes have only been announced, for now, users have however been assured that the changes will start rolling out in coming weeks.

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