Twitter De-Emphasizes Follower Counts, Redesigns iOS App

As Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp continue making transformations on their networks, Twitter as well is re-designing things, making follower counts become insignificant or less important. This applies mostly to users on iOS app. On those platforms, the follower count font is now smaller than it used to be. It is simply a small redesign effort, says a Twitter spokesperson.

This latest development is prompted after Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter repeatedly said that he wants to rethink how the company could prioritize meaningful conversations numbers as it does with retweets, likes, and follows.

It is hard to really know why Twitter has done that, since follower information is still the major statistics people want to see on the platform. Also, on iOS, other aspects have been redesigned too and made smaller. These include other details like locations, birthdays, join dates, mutual follows, and following counts. Both type and spacing sizes have been changed too in a bid to prioritize some pieces of info on user profiles over other info.

This change is small, subtle, and may not be really apparent at first but this is part of Twitter’s plan to renovate things, or by way of rehash change features of the platform. As everyone knows, making those numbers smaller means users will pay less attention to them as to when they were larger.

In previous interviews, Dorsey had been emphasizing how he would love to have the follower count font made less. He believes that when the follower count is emphasized, it is possible for users to be drawn to posting polarizing content that may go viral and attract more followers. The negative aspect of this is that it will create a more divisive and toxic discourse on the platform.

Dorsey also clarified in an interview that when creating the platform, he and his team made follow font a little bigger than everything else on the page. They did it without giving much thought to the effects and they quickly moved on to the next problem to solve and it has been that way for years. Of course, like he said, if that number is big and easy to see, what people want to do is increase it.

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