Twitter launches dark mode for iOS friend of OLED screens

Dark mode on Twitter is not exactly a novelty. But this time really came to that. The company has launched the 'lights out' mode that we can call OLED Dark Mode. That is, you will see even the blackest blacks, and if you have an OLED panel in your smartphone, you will feel the difference in autonomy. But for now only if you have an iOS device.

For now, the function does not reach Twitter users on Android, but it should be a matter of time. The update is a fulfilled promise of social networking CEO Jack Dorsey. This one had promised a dark mode that really spared your battery. And if you have an OLED screen this will do it.

OLED panels do not light black pixels

OLED screens are becoming more common in high-end devices. Such a function helps a lot in battery saving. If you do not know, a panel with this technology only lights the pixels that are not black. Obviously, your infinite scroll can be done with much less expense.

In addition, Twitter also says that a true black background helps reduce the fatigue of your eyes in low light. It is something I have been feeling and that for those who have some vision problems it makes a difference. Incidentally, the Reddit App has had this mode for some time.

The future is dark and we already knew that. If you are wondering if you can use this mode on an iPhone XR that has an LCD screen, the answer is yes. The mode works on all panels, however, on the LCD screen the black pixels will light up the same when you activate it.

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Have an LCD panel or OLED, your eyes will certainly appreciate the upgrade. The change seems insignificant, but it is something that is very welcome. Android users will now be waiting for this new mode. And Twitter, do not forget to also implement it on the website.

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