Twitter introduces Twitter Lite for slow internet connections

Although they have been around for quite a while now, lite apps seem to have become much more popular in recent years. Already adopted by Facebook, Shazam, Skype and a host of others, it has been quite impressive, designed specially for users with low-end smartphones or crummy networks. Twitter has finally deemed it fit to join the bandwagon, releasing its very own Twitter Lite app.

Twitter Lite

The move is aimed at getting the platform across to people in less-developed markets, especially Africa, Latin America and certain parts of Asia where 2G and 3G wireless service are still very much prevalent.

The mobile app which is much faster and less data consuming was created out of the need to help users with outdated mobile devices, slow network connections or low device storage gain access to the social networking service with relative ease. In contrast to other lite apps, the twitter lite app is designed to run on your mobile’s web browser at meaning you won’t be needing a google play account or an app store to access the app!! brilliant idea!!

Twitter Lite features

Twitter Lite loads up to 30% faster than the original website on a 3G device and it saves you enough data with Twitter going on to claim that it can save up to 70% of data. You also need not worry about memory as it can only take up less than 1MB of your device’s memory.

You can now access the Twitter Lite app by following this link on your device.

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